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January 18 2009

Angel:After the Fall issue 16 confirmed for release this Wednesday. This is the penultimate issue of the 'After the Fall' arc-the tension is mounting up!

Got mine on Friday. Just have to say WOW. Really liked it. I didn't care for the background art in some places, but Angel/Connor/Wesley were beautifully drawn. Some very sad things happen and maybe a happy thing too??? Can't say more without giving stuff away. But I loved it and am anxiously awaiting the final chapter.
Sounds like quite an issue. I can't wait to get my mitts on it.
Ya I am majorly jealous of resa -but she already knows that;)

Cant wait to get this! Judging by the preview it looks like its gonna be amazing.
Dark Delicacies sounds interesting. I'll probably pick that one up as well. As far Fallen Angel, does anyone know why it says "FINAL ISSUE" on the cover? I thought Illyria was supposed to show up in the following issue. The series didn't get canceled (again), did it?
*sigh* I am most likely not going to be able to get this for a while.
Invisible Green: This issue ends the regular "Fallen Angel" series. It restarts later on with the Illyria cross-over, with pencils by Urru I believe, in a few months.
Do any of you know where I can buy the Buffy and Angel comic books in London? I'm studying abroad here now, and would like to pick them up on the day they're released (are they released on Wednesdays in the UK?). Thanks so much for any help!
Thanks, patxshand! Do you know if it's starting over at #1, or if it's going to continue as a series of miniseries (or specials or something like that) so that PAD can focus on other projects?
Annamaria - the only place I know (as a non-Londoner but having visited there a lot) is Forbidden Planet off Shaftesbury Avenue,

Comics come out on Thursday in England and Ireland - an extra days wait ...but it could be a lot worse:)
Wish I knew, Invisible Green. I've actually only started the series recently (only got to #1 so far, it's not easy to find the TPBs) and only know that info from the IDW boards. I think the Illyria/Fallen Angel crossover is probably going to be a miniseries with its own numbers, but don't quote me on that.
I don't think Franco is drawing the interiors for FALLEN ANGEL. I could be wrong, though.
Ah, just covers then? Any new Urru is good Urru.
I must admit, I have no idea. I'm just the AFTER THE FALL guy. But I think Franco is just doing the cover, only because he's been so busy with ATF. I guess now he has a breather, he could. I think Franco should draw every book.
How come resa gets it a week earlier than everyone else? o_O

And is this the last issue or the second to last issue?
i keep seeing places say it's the last, but i thought there was 17 issues? Wikipedia says there's supposed to be 17 too
Looking forward to issue 16 on Wed.
Resa got it before ME! I had to read a pdf!
If Franco, Mooney, and Messina drew every book, the world would be a happier place. If Alex Garner and Nick Runge drew every cover, I think there might be no more war. Oh, Pia Guerra, too. Gotta have Pia.
I'm headed for the Minotaur the minute I'm out of work on Thursday (Wednesday USA time. Yay for the International Date Line!) for my copy!
How come resa gets it a week earlier than everyone else? o_O

Resa got it before ME! I had to read a pdf!

Mwahaha ... :) I have a subscription with IDW and usually get my copy early, but not this early. Also, the last issue was 3 WEEKS LATE because of a shipping error, so it doesn't always work out. I guess this extra early copy was payback. :)
The holiday isn't going to push everything back to Thursday?
"Resa got it before ME! I had to read a pdf!"

Now that's just wrong D=

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