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January 18 2009

Eliza Dushku developing Mapplethorpe biopic. According to E Online Eliza Dushku is developing a film based on the life of the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. It will star her brother Nate who appeared in the Angel season four episode Orpheus.

Wow, she's more liberal than I thought. Yay!
I was wondering whether or not this would ever show up here.
Why would you think Eliza is not liberal?

I do not know a lot about her political views, but the only non-liberal thing I can think of is the whole hunting fiasco a few months back. Going hunting once does not make you a Neo-Con though.
Going hunting once does not make you a Neo-Con though.

And going hunting a hundred times doesn't not make you a progressive. There are different definitions of that.
Let's try and not get bogged down in the personal views of Eliza and politics in general. I'd like to think that the Mapplethorpe flick can provide sufficient and interesting debate.
I comply. And really wish you luck on this one, boss.
Yeah, really chomping at the bit to make a halfway decent but most likely too vulgar and offensive joke about my beloved Faith doing a biopic about Mapplethorpe.

And dining on the blood of defenseless animals doesnt make one a Bushie! It crosses political lines! I personally do it on a regular basis and I actually voted for Ralph Nader a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It was a dark time. I was enamored with seatbelts.

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Wow, so Eliza's an art lover. Who'd have thunk?(I'm being humorously sarcastic, in case you can't tell ;-)
The operative word seemed to be "more liberal" (since ELiza's poli-beliefs are no secret) which kinda-sorta is an apt term for a Mapplethorpe anything.

As to definitons of "fiasco," I'll leave that alone.

Giving your family the work ; hey, worked for de Palma so I can applaud that.

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