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January 19 2009

CSTS 2009 logo competition announced. With more freedom allowed than ever before and prizes!

(and no, I'm not on CSTS Global this year, so not self posting).


A couple of questions, though, for CSTS-global folks. I have pretty thoroughly checked out the "2009 Promotional Art Contest Guidelines" page linked to at the bottom of the "2009 Promotional Art Contest"page linked to above, which contains this rule:

"You must use the CSTS logo and have it displayed predominantly within the piece you are submitting."

I don't seem to be able to find a high-res downloadable version of this necessary logo provided on either of these pages, which would seem to be highly desirable, given the fairly stringent quality/format recommendations for contest submissions in the rules. Unless I'm missing something, this logo-needed-to-be-incorporated-in-one's-logo-design doesn't seem to be shown at either high or low-res, though I don't imagine you really intend to require contestants to forage for a 300 dpi vector version on their own.

Also, is there any particular reason you say, "When you are ready to enter, please contact us for the form to be submitted with the art" instead of simply providing this form for download now? Seems like an unnecessarily complicating step...
Best to post questions on the forum I'd suggest, as there is no guarantee any of the Global team are regular visitors to Whedonesque. The files they would like to work with are now linked to in the forums

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Oh, thanks, Ivalaine - that is definitely one of the things needed. I actually did put the question here intentionally, as interested folks visiting the links from whedonesque were likely to share this same question with me. If you hadn't posted the logo link here, I would have emailed the addresses provided as suggested in the guidelines.

And that was fast.
I'm a little confused. They want a new logo but require the old one to be a part of it? Then why need the new one?
Presumably the idea is to focus on "promotional artwork" (used on the CSTS site), not "logo" (used here). As in, a look for 2009 to be deployed across things such as posters, t-shirts, et cetera which incorporates the CSTS logo.

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Thank you all for your questions. Any and all are welcome. It's easier for us to answer fast if you post them on the forums or email one of us. However, I read here at least twice a day as do a couple others so feel free to ask us anywhere. =)

First off, as far as the logo graphics which can be used here is the link. Pete has made it all very nice for us.

Like b!X said, this is not to create the CSTS logo, which we already have, it's to allow Browncoats to participate and help us come up with 2009's promotional artwork for the T-shirts, posters etc. Not only is it exciting to open this up to the public but it will also be of benefit to those cities across the globe who want to be able to print their own from their own backyards.

Lastly, the reason for the form not being on the site (and it will shortly) is I wanted the contest to go now so we'd have maximum time for artists and then organizers to get things done. The form is being looked at from a legal point of view and will be available on the site without emailing soon.

Thanks for your interest! We look forward to seeing all kinds of amazing art.

Meh. Now-irrelevant comment.

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