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January 19 2009

Tom Lenk tries to make a YouTube video. What is sexier than seeing everyone's favorite wannabe-villain?

Isn't Dr. Horrible everyone's favorite wannabe-villain?
He got past the wannabe stage.
"It doesn't have to make sense. It's for the internet."
Yeah, I wonder if they know that joke was already old several years ago.
Don't forget about Jack! Deputy Allan Finch!
Those two aren't related in some way, right? They look remarkably alike.
:-) Tom just always makes me smile no matter what...
And I sooooooo agree about Twilight make up!!
I wonder if Jack is Tom's boyfriend, or if they're just friends? They seem close, at any rate, and Tom looks happy and shares my views on Twilight, so it's all good.
That microwave looks AMAZING.
Double post. Darnit I previewed it twice after I stopped and started!

[ edited by cabri on 2009-01-19 23:32 ]
"We're sorry, this video is no longer available." :(
Cabri: it's working for me...

Daylight: I was thinking the same thing! haha
Yeah, for me too. Weird.
To me, they look like they might've been up for the same parts - and they are both pretty fun to watch, even if they're just messing about sorta randomly. Oh, and I see that Jack gives acting workshops, as well...

I knew I'd seen Jack before & liked him, and after watching his reel, I realized it was pretty recently, on The Mentalist. I thought that most of Jack's acting & auditioning tips were pretty good, and lookit who else has, too.

These two actors should be given good acting jobs immediately.
I have a fondness for Lenk but after a few moments, I found this a bit cloying.
Huh, I would have sworn they were brothers.

That's the guy from Action? He's awesome.
Ah. They're cute, I like them as actors, but I appreciate their scripted movements better than their YouTube kill times. Must watch Understanding the Dollhouse now.

Love the hair.
Tom Lenk looks so different without the kinda blonde-ish pointy (Buffy) or shag (Transformers) hair. (For a sec I kept thinking of Adam Busch instead.

It's kind of amusing that they can try to turn a video about failing to make a video into a viral phenomenon but if that was seriously the gimmick versus just shoving clip debris online, I sort of wish it were a bit more pumped up. (I mean, like that "alien abducted astronauts" bit? I can't believe anyone would try to pull that off without a bit more investment in the setup. Everyone knows that the natural enemy of the astronaut is the caveman. ^_^)

I actually would have been totally willing to watch a full video of them arguing about Twilight though since there's a bit of structure there. "Tom is right. Let's see if he can persuade Jack that he's wrong."
*snicker snort* Adorable. When I wasn't laughing, I wanted to mess up Tom's hair for some reason... ... eehh, just a little to the right... ;)

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