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January 19 2009

Mercedes Bites! An Exclusive Interview with Mercedes McNab. Buffyfest interviews Mercedes McNab about Harmony's appearance in Season 8, her Buffy and Angel experiences, her upcoming projects, and more.

She seems like a really nice person. It's nice to know that she would welcome the chance at a buffy movie.
I had the chance to meet her at a con a few years back that I was working with. Extremely nice, very personable. Lucky for me, I was able to chat with her at length and was invited to a post party that Andy Hallett was also attending. Watching those two talk together was worth it on it's own.
Really great interview. Always great to see the actor's reflect after the shows have been over for so many years.
Agreed, nice interview because she seems such a nice person! It's nice to read that she has fond memories of Angel because she got to be there every day and to know the rest of the cast better.. sweet!!
An interivew with my seond favorite Jossvet; been too long. I liked her atitude towards the comic. She's lovely as alwayss; that hair style makes for a changed look to her, very different image.

Sort of hints at a few things that I of course can't know. Altho the more I hear I gather those little gatherings at Joss and Kay's house were littler than most of us imagine.

I'm glad she enjoys being a genre star, since it is so different from msot other acting,e xcept maybe soaps. (Just like country singers are closer to their fans than most other types.) So I figure she might be doing cons for a while. Too bad she's not playing Gwen in the remake of The Wolfman tho....

And why am I not surprised she owns a doglette like that?

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