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January 19 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #22 preview. 3 preview pages, courtesy of Dark Horse. What that entails is pretty self-explanatory.

I demand an explanation for this.
Ah! This looks amazing. The best preview we've had in a while. It's so funny and Kennedy/Satsu are really playing the naughty sex vibe.

"It was more than a dip. It was a plunge. A big, wet --" Hehe!

And that panel of Satsu putting on her lip gloss - hot. Wow, I'm very excited for this issue. Kennedy and Satsu have some amazing verbal chemistry. I'll say it again - DeKnight is DeAwesome.
I really liked that. I never had a problem with Kennedy and I was bummed that Satsu got knocked off so quickly, but I do just love the idea of these two people working together. REALLY like what I see.
Really, really like what I see. ;)
sportforredneck, brosef, what explanation dost thou need?
I figured those two would have a competitive/flirty conflict going on.

That said this could get really old really quickly. I expect it won't given who's writing it though. Looks good so far.
WOW. Best preview in a long, long time. The writing is smooth, and even though it doesn't start on the first page of the comic it's really easy to follow. Now I'm excited about this issue. Can't wait!
That is hysterically good fun so far. Man Kennedy has really turned into one of my... er, favorite... characters? This season? Hard formulate words sentence to make.

I get the feeling Kennedy has been down that road of hooking up with a tourist and getting burned before. It's a nice contrast to Kennedy and Willow how they both approach Satsu, and it's kinda why they work together. Kennedy is all about the tough love.

Loving Satsu's outfit, too :) She's hot, what can I say. I like Xander's taste in 5-some fantasies.
Agreed, patxshand. This preview is one of the best we've seen in a long time. I wasn't sure what to expect from DeKnight (though I've really enjoyed his episodes on Buffy and Angel), but I'm very excited for this issue now.
I demand to know what's in the sack.
I think the variant cover reveals what's in the sack. ;)
Buffy gets demon mail? Don't they screen for that kinda stuff? I mean, I'd imagine that it's just an upgrade from screening for anthrax.
If I was going to send a tiny deadly thing to Buffy, and wanted to be sure she'd keep it long enough for it to do whatever, I'd make it cute and fuzzy.
Am i the only one hoping the sack contains various lesbian items?....yes?...okthen...
DeKnight wrote this? Wow. Never was that big a fan, but these preview pages are very well-written indeed. And that's coming from someone who couldn't stand Kennedy on the show.
Yeah, these comics keep making "meh" characters cool. Dracula was lame on the show, but is now one of the best minor characters in the Buffyverse. Connor had his moments, but was mostly annoying, on Angel, and After the Fall made him totally badass. And now Kennedy is actually starting to seem okay.

I like that.
This is looking awesome. I've come to really like Kennedy (and Willow/Kennedy) in Season 8, and while I'm not huge on Satsu, what I've seen of the Satsu-Kennedy dynamic very much intrigues me. Not only that, DeKnight is one of my favourite writers from the televised series, with episodes like Shells, Dead Things, Seeing Red and Destiny.
The link title may be self-explanatory, but us hard-working editors over at the Daily Whedonesque wouldn't mind seeing a little more (non-spoilery) creative input in writing the descriptions. Even if it's nothing more than "TFAW features three hot preview pages from BtVS #22."

Similarly, and this comment is not directed at this link: pulling a juicy quote from an interview to use in the header is better than titling a thread, "New Joss Whedon Interview." I'm just saying. Punctuation is good too. Thanks for listening. :-)
I concur Kennedy's kinda cool now. But I still can't like her with Willow :P
Preview looks good.
A whole issue chock full of Kennedy, not sure how I feel about this...but could we possibly see a thing develop between Satsu and Kennedy? Do I detect some jealousy from our Miss Kennedy? Maybe she and Satsu do hookup, leaving the door wide open for Willow and Oz to get back together when he makes his return. Yeah, yeah, I can dream can't I? Besides, it could happen... ;)
Unplugged crazy: do you think it has anything to do with the writers/artists vs. actors? Or do you think your change of heart on certain characters merely has to do with their current plot-lines, and even if it was still live-action, you'd still be growing warm to these characters?
This looks really nice. But then, I never had any problem with Kennedy, the only potential who was actually useful and showed some initiative before getting her slayer powers. And I think she really helped Willow.

Oh, but is it me or does their conversation (Kennedy & Satsu) sounds a bit too intent on stressing for the readers that Buffy.Is.Not.Gay.Now?
*LOVED* this preview, I thought it was fantastic. I just love how zesty and fun the dialogue is, it just sails through so easily and just rolls off the tongue, it was a pleasure to read. I love the banter and hearing Kennedy's opinion on the Buffy/Satsu fling, and I loved getting to the meaty issues of it all... anyone else think Satsu's grown a bit bitter since we last saw her? Guess she isn't taking the distance too well..

This was very fun and very cool. And I love that they had Kennedy shoot down Satsu's remark that Buffy sent her because she was the other lesbian, it's something I've seen people criticise about pairing the two characters together, and it works, I'm glad they commented on that.

And Kennedy.. hated her with a passion in season seven (which says a lot as I rarely *hate* a character, only Warren and Rona get that honour) but I'm loving her in season eight. She's wonderful in this! And I love how self-deprecating she is about her faults, because her Bratty-ness and “crowding” Buffy when she was an amateur are both things she admits she does when faulting Satsu for doing the same thing. I’m glad she’s able to admit it at least.
"The other lesbian slayer"?: do they really mean there's only two out of 1900? I'm sure Kennedy would know if there were others in the squads she's come into contact with.
Or like vampmogs said, was that a comment for the readers, and it really meant "the other significant slayer character who's been identified as a lesbian"?
with episodes like Shells, Dead Things, Seeing Red and Destiny.>

Thanks for reminding. Dead Things, especially, is one of my favorite pieces of anything. The dialogue on this got kind of annoying to me, but I still totally want to see what's in the sack. Trust DeKnight.
Heh. This looks awesome. :D

I love the way Satsu is dressed. XD And I can't wait to read the whole thing. :) I was wondering if we'd see more about her and stuff now that she had stayed behind in Japan.

I never really hated Kennedy, heh. But I quite like her in this ses. :)
The lesson I get from this is such:
for the characters whose actors i love,
the comic is flat, for those whose actors i did not like
(Kennedy) the comic is great. This issue looks great.
That was some pretty snappy dialogue right there.
But I do agree that it seemed to try to push some things, and I must say I'm not a fan of the shove-past-plot-points-down-the-reader's-throat school.

One being that as sapphisticated as Buffy may appear to have been lately, she's NOT GAY. And secondly, in case any readers missed it, it WAS Satsu giving the True Love's Kiss. With Cinnamon gloss. *Insert 'duh' here*

But, still looking forward to reading this issue in it's entirety and seeing how the plot advances.
I like Kennedy. And, so far, I like Satsu. I strongly suspected they'd butt heads one way or another (we've seen previously that she may be polite and respectful in public, but Satsu isn't exactly "shy and retiring" otherwise.) Despite Kennedy and Willow's long-term absence from Slayer Central, Satsu recognizes Kennedy on sight - not their first meeting, I gather. Maybe Kennedy helped train the Alpha Team?
So, Kennedy is paired with Satsu just on the eve of Oz' arrival?
I enjoyed this preview more than I thought I would. I liked the humor and naughtiness of the exchange. But I'm still not a big Kennedy fan. I've always seen her as a little too pushy and her attitude with Buffy rubs me the wrong way. She's a devisive character when it comes to Buffy and Willow, my all time favorite tv (and now comic) BFFs. That said, Kennedy has had some funny moments in S8 and she helped Willow move on after the loss of Tara. So, that's good.

ETA: Oooh... I hadn't thought about that Moscow Watcher. I would be okay with a Kennedy/Satsu hook up if it lead to The Wonderful Willow and Oz! You know I'm more of a Willow/Tara fan, but Willow/Oz was awesome, too. If Tara can't come back, then I'm all for a Willow/Oz reunion. Vamp!Willow was bisexual in Dopplegangland, so it wouldn't be out of character for her to be as well.

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So, Kennedy is paired with Satsu just on the eve of Oz' arrival?

Kinda looks that way, don't it?

filmtx-I percieved Willow the character as being bisexual. That whole "Gay now!" thing always bothered me. Every time she said that, it struck me as a defensive and over-compensated remark.
Yeah, still not clear to me as what defines gay vs. bi vs. straight. Love/sex seems more fluid than that, but I've been told differently. Somehow, though, if the writers do swing in that "back with Oz" direction, I don't think it will go un-commented on in any of the three camps.

Which makes me wonder what message the writers are trying to get across, or is it just the fact that there is not a "message", no "definition" for people to identify with. If that's the case, will people still be comfortable with relating to different characters that pose no direct definitions of the parts that make up themselves?
Which makes me wonder what message the writers are trying to get across,

That teens are mean to each other?
Satsu looks kind of Eurasian here....

And I've said enough elsewhere at other times on bi vs gay vs the dictionary so I'll shut up.
I definitely always read Willow as bi. She was fluttery about Dracula, and fondly remembered her crush on Giles--and both times her attraction seemed real enough that Tara was threatened. Still, if she wants to insist on "Gay now!" that's fine with me. People should get to pick their own labels.

But I can't see her getting back with Oz. That romance ended so conclusively, and sweetly, what with her story about being a blue-haired old lady in Istanbul.
Well, in fairness, Tara was about as secure as a mortgage from Fannie Mae most of the time. I don't know if Willow is supposed to be gay, bi, or what, but I seriously doubt Joss would ever get her into a relationship with a man again, even one of the two men she's been in love with.
umm... not sure about this one.
Looks good, but I'm afraid of it not adding anything to the story, besides a little lesbian conflict. Obviously Satsu hasn't let go of Buffy, and Kennedy shows up for no reason.
I'm still hoping though!
Well, in fairness, Tara was about as secure as a mortgage from Fannie Mae most of the time.

At first she was insecure because of her family's lies, which was understandable. Once the truth was revealed, I don't think she was particularly insecure about her relationship with Willow. If anything the relationship made her more secure, not less. Kennedy, on the other hand, acts as if Buffy is a threat to her and Willow. She's always mouthing off to Buffy every time Buffy shows any BFF affection towards Willow, verbally or physically. Tara never acted insecure about Willow and Buffy's relationship like that. In fact, Tara never seem even remotely threatened by Xander, even though she knew Willow once had feelings for him. So I think it could be argued that Tara was more secure in her relationship with Willow than Kennedy is.
I guess "secure" also needs to be re-classified as a relative term.

Admittedly "Keep your paws off lezfaux" seemed visibly annoyed and intended to aggravate but "I'm watching those hands, you two" seemed more like genial kidding.

I won't bother saying where I hope this ends, well okay, but I'll disguise it. .enaiD dna maS naibsel deriah nevar sa pu dne ydenneK dna ustaS .noitcerreser fo epyt tnereffid a seirt ssoJ .reverof der nmutua dna dlog remmuS

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taht htiw kcul doog.

I just don't see this flirty vibe between Kennedy and Satsu others do. Their conversation isn't much different than Satsu and Willow's, Kennedy is just more blunt about it.

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I would only want Tara back if it served the story. I just don't see it happening. Especially now that we know Willow's fate. Sadly, it'll be a very, very long time before Willow is reunited with her soul mate in Wiccan heaven.
Not surprisingly, count me as one who thinks it's ridiculous to have slayers slaying in short skirts, although it does allow the artist to draw a crotch shot.
Yeah, that's a really terrible thing that started in Season 8, the Slayer in a short skirt. All having Satsu in that skirt does is call back to the early seasons of the show. And she's really hot.

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filmtx wrote:
Sadly, it'll be a very, very long time before Willow is reunited with her soul mate in Wiccan heaven.

Only in Joss' universe. There are kinder, alternate realities where it happens much, much faster, and their reunion involves rebirth, not dark veiny death and fatalistic story lines. :)
Sadly, it'll be a very, very long time before Willow is reunited with her soul mate in Wiccan heaven.

Which will even be sadder if we won't even get to see it happen.
Just a few things I wanted to say.

Re. Willow being gay vs bisexual. If you think back to Buffy s7, episode called Him I believe, where she fell (magically) for that guy with the enchanted letterman jacket. She tried to turn him into a woman because she didn't want a relationship / to get all nekkid with a guy. Ok I know it was a plot device but still, pretty conclusive IMO.

KingofCretins, I agree, I don't see any flirty vibe bewteen Kennedy and Satsu. Just because they're both lesbians it doesn't mean they'll flirt with each other. (Not that I wouldn't like to see it).

I also don't think that the whole 'Buffy is definitely not gay' talk doesn't have to be read as shoving it down the reader's throat. When you're gay and have an uber-crush on a straight girl, you need to be told that she's straight and uninterested in you as many times as possible. Kennedy would totally get this; as she says she's been there before.

But yeah, loving the preview.
filmtx ; I got the impression that the Frayverse very definitely claved off from the S8verse as result of the srossover so we no longer know what's ahppening to Willow.

KingofCretins digupherbones ; Not saying there's anything there, just speculating.

As to Willow, maybe she still feels the same way she always did about guys but will never act on it. If so, is that gay or bi? I "mislike" labels a lot.

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