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January 19 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera with ASH comes out today on DVD and Blu-ray. Can't wait for a Dr. Horrible sequel? Then this Goth Rock Opera starring Anthony Head as the Repo Man might satisfy your evil musical needs for the time being.

I was at a screening of this with the director and writers last Sunday. They mentioned that the DVD will have a bouncing ball sing along feature for some of the songs. I wish they had done that for Dr. horrible. If you do not want to buy it you should at least rent it and give it a view just to hear Anthony Head sing. He was chosen for this role because of his work in “Once More With Feeling” according to the director. The Grave Robber steals the show, but as the creator and star of the stage show he had a lot of time to perfect the role.

I have recently discovered that the bouncing ball and deleted scenes are only on the Blu-Ray.

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Here is an all puppet version of the Zydrate Anatomy song. This is sort of a promo that SpookyDan of Bloody Disgusting made to advertise repo on Youtube. He showed it at the screening Sunday before the movie played. It does not really give away any of the plot so I will not post this as a spoiler.

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I've seen it three times now- we're lucky enough that one of the theaters in Phoenix has it for an extended run. Not bad for a town that got skipped over for the first road tour.

It was pretty awesome.
I just learned about the last tour thanks to this website. Thanks Whedonesque!
It made for a great date with my best girl. She is of course a Whedon fan and loves Anthony Head. :)

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This movie definitely isn't for everyone, but I adored it. I especially love ASH's singing.
It's an amazing film. I've seen it a few times now. Definitely not for everyone as has been said. But if you can handle it, you should think it's awesome. Paris Hilton even manages to do a good job in her role.
I love this film. I've been fortunate enough to see it twice and am throwing a big party next weekend for those in my area who didn't get to travel to see the show. I'm so glad it's garnering an audience despite the studio's lack of interest in distributing the film. This film is showing once again the power of a strong fandom.
I'm looking forward to seeing this - it's coming out in the UK thankfully, but not until March the 9th according to
Repo! The Genetic Opera is showing at the Tivoli here in STL, MO tonight.
Kinda rough night for it. It's Inauguration Day and DVD Release Day. A group of friends and I were planning to see it. We originally tried to plan a road trip to KC on it's first road tour, but one one could get off. Then we had over a month to make plans when they scheduled a STL showing ... til tickets cost $16 each and someone ordered the DVD off Amazon for $14. I already got a TXT, she's tracking it through UPS. :) and :(
When listening to the director talk about how the test audiences hated it (dooming it to DVD release only) I couldn't help but think how Dr. Horrible had similar problems with reviewers who didn't like it.

The biggest criticism of Dr. Horrible was that people didn't like the tragic third act and how Joss couldn't decide if he was making a comedy or a tragedy. The test audiences and reviewers of Repo also said the same thing about it. I know some people like to see the same old predictable crap on tv and at the movies all the time, but I am glad a few directors are mixing it up a bit. I like a little comedy with my tragedy/horror.

Repo is best viewed with a group of fans though, and the bouncing ball feature should help make it fun at parties. Hopfully lionsgate will allow people to have Rocky horror like screenings of this.
Oh, yeah, Repo is *definitely* best seen with a large group. I've seen it with a full theater and an nearly-empty one, and the audience makes it all the better.

The theater in town actually had auditions a week or two ago for a cast to do a Rocky-like showing for Repo. If it weren't an hour drive each way, I would have been there...
BTW, if you like Spooky Dan's Repo Puppet Opera that I posted above, you might like this as well. Twilight Puppet Saga I figure there are a lot of Twilight fans on this site that might get a kick out of it.

It is all so Smile Timey!

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I finally got to see Repo! this weekend.

It's a musical. It's bloody. It's raunchy and creepy and gorgeous. And I had to see it again.

There is a soundtrack, and if you think you really won't be able to handle the movie, listen to the soundtrack. The songs are GREAT with the full movie musical production, and ASH gets to flex his singing muscles. I will be playing the soundtrack often.
Repo! The Genetic Opera has a very nice feature in Gothic Beauty magazine. The article includes some great stills from the movie, and a fantastic shot of Anthony Head looking sooooo wicked! He's brandishing some very evil weapon and flashing a sneer/smile that'll give you chills. He looks like an 'Alternate Universe Giles' who never gave up being Ripper, and just kept getting more badass over time.

I happened to find this article because I created a half page ad for a Gothic doll, and when I saw the issue I was so delighted that an article featuring a Buffy alum was there. Felt like home! This issue is worth getting for the Repo! article and pics, plus the magazine is full of rather lovely Gothic photography, fashion and features. For anyone interested, here's a link to their website. You can order an issue online, or check the list of retailers on their website that offer the magazine.

I hope Mr. Head continues in more roles which make use of his wonderful singing talents. The way he keeps the character so well blended in the singing part of the performance is a thrill to see.
What page is your ad on, 11thHour? My wife picked up Gothic Beauty over the weekend, though I haven't gotten to read through it yet.
Kishi ~

Wow, what a coincidence that you have the magazine! The ad I created is on page 33 and is for the Gothic doll Evangeline Ghastly. (In very fine print at the base of the ad is my regular name rather than my 11th Hour handle. My actual last name is Tomb, so it happens to work well with Gothic related themes... heh... )
My Repo shipped today, and happily has dropped in price by a chunk. And joy of joys, Dr. Horrible is coming with it. :)
I just picked up Repo! at Walmart for twenty dollars. I went into it not really knowing very much and I was very hesitant, but wow, I was blown away. It turned out to be a really fantastic show and ASH really rocks. The part fit him very well and I was extremely pleased to see him do such a fantastic job. Definitely worth it. Fantastic combo with Dr. Horrible!
No Oscar nomination for Repo! :(

It really needed this nomination and I thought it deserved it.
They could have at least nominated the Sarah Brightman song since nominating Zydrate Anatomy, a song from an unknown writer and performer which also features Paris Hilton, would have been impossible for The Acadamy to stomach.

Instead we get nominations for rehashing Hello Dolly in Wall-e. I love Wall-e and Hello Dolly, but did not think it's music deserved a nomination since it is all Hello Dolly themed.

Now when Repossession Mambo (the Repo! ripoff) comes out, people will think Repo! is the low budget rip off and not a true original work 10 years in the making.

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