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January 20 2009

Nathan Fillion on the likelihood of a Dr. Horrible sequel. He says "there is talk" but "not in the near future". We also find out about the trifectas and the chances of any more Firefly/Serenity projects.

Wow... you're quick, I was just about to post that.

I love the "not yet"! I always love to hear the cast & crew keeping hope alive, if they have hope, so do I.
I've no doubt the "Dr. Horrible" sequel will happen when they get a chance to like, ya know, breathe.

I would think all Joss's energies are being poured into "Dollhouse" right now where he is trying his darnedest to make that *crosses fingers* season 2 happen.

I am looking forward to "Wonder Woman." Although, "Doomsday" did reinforce just how much I've been spoiled by anime -- at least in terms of story, themes, and sheer beauty. "Doomsday's" voice acting was stellar though, especially when put up against the majority of anime dubs.

Being more of a Marvel person, I don't think I even know much Wonder Woman beyond the whole Cathy Lee Gifford/Lynda Carter sadness.
I didn't think 'Doomsday' worked all that brilliantly even by Western animation standards (it wasn't terrible IMO, just a bit flat with slightly weird pacing. Agreed though, the voice acting was good, especially, for my money, JM's Lex Luthor). The JLU and Batman cartoons were stronger in most ways, especially thematically (and film wise 'Mask of the Phantasm' is great - it even has a little 'Akira' homage you might appreciate Breathestory ;).

I'd probably check out the 'Wonder Woman' film anyway but it's a bonus having the Cap in it too.

(re: beauty though, 'Gotham Knight' has to take that biscuit, of the recent DC animated stuff at least. Some very distinctive visuals in there IMO, probably partly because some of the segments were directed by anime creators)

And yay, Dr H. 2 is starting to look fairly concrete, albeit at some indeterminate point in the footoor. What with Dollhouse, Castle, The Cabin in the Woods etc. (not to mention everyone else's schedule) it might be tough to find the time for a while.

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Saje, I will check out 'Mask of the Phantasm.' Thanks.

And off thread, thanks for the Drew Goddard pod cast link yesterday.
I finally finished listening to it and gained some new things to think about.
No probs ;). Yeah, there's some interesting stuff there. Did you see the link to the rest of the podcasts BTW ?

Some of them are quite a cool listen with the odd studio horror story in the mix.

(and if you're into Batman at all 'Mask of the Phantasm' is well worth a look, before 'Batman Begins' I considered it the best Batman film, just "gets" him better than the other attempts up to then. The animation style is as per 'Batman: The Animated Series' so not necessarily stunning but perfectly serviceable)
Saje, yes I did see the link... and bookmarked it. The others will have to wait though, seeing as how I've already "wasted" enough time between Drew and the Charlie Booker link. Still trying to adhere to #1 and finish my "it".

I am up for Batman, I just don't seek him out. I did play 'Batman' as a kid a la Adam West and loved and own Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns.' Seen most of the movies, although I pretend I haven't with *shudders* "The Clooney." I have (for now) skipped the last one. I just haven't been in the mood for nihilism.

I must agree with you about 'Batman Begins' being the best of the lot, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for the first one. I saw it first run at a now since closed Drive-in theater. The fog rolled in just as the movie was ending with that ultra dramatic closing shot and it was just... magic.
Before I read anything, I'd just like to bet that there are currently no plans for a Serenity sequel.

*reads the article*

I was correct... C'mon, people! Can't you come up with more interesting inquiries? I'm sure that when things start rolling in that department, Joss himself will announce it on this website.
Was under the impression that "we" call three time Whedonverse stars "Hat Tricks."
It's more usual but i've seen "Whedon(verse) trifecta" too. Both expressions are only figurative anyway so no harm, no foul I reckon (Joss' shows don't have anything to do with cricket or horse racing ;).
I have (for now) skipped the last one. I just haven't been in the mood for nihilism.

Oops, missed this BreathesStory. It's actually not you know, it's dark yeah but far from nihilistic (though I would say that, 'The Dark Knight's now my favourite Batman film ;).
Boy! I would love to see a copy of that contract. I'm working a similar deal now on a creative project here in the P-burg and that could really simplify things.

Can anybody help me out with this one?

The Dark Knight is heavy, and dark, and tragic, and depressing, but...absolutely amazing. And not nihilistic.

And yeah, Mask of the Phantasm rocks.
Oh there it is,


I liked Superman: Doomsday a little better than the majority of people who've seen it seemed to, especially since I had never experienced that storyline in comic form beforehand (although it did feel somewhat like an afterthought after watching the entire Batman:Animated Series/Superman:Animated Series/Batman Beyond/Justice League mega-franchise soon before it...although yeah, I know it's a completely separate continuity/take on the whole thing. Although Doomsday was more effective and scary than he was with his speaking role in Justice League).

For my money, Justice League: New Frontier is the best of DC's direct-to-DVD efforts so far (I guess Superman: Brainiac Attacks is at the very bottom, though I usually forget about that one and it's in an awkward, weird place where it could almost fit into Superman:Animated Series continuity, if not for the awful depiction of Lex, iffy Brainiac, and maybe a few details not meshing with the show).

I loved the animation in a lot of the Gotham Knight shorts and a couple of the stories were near-perfect (for action, I liked the Deadshot ep, and also whichever one had Bruce not wanting to let go of the discarded guns in the sewer), but overall I found it a let down. Admit I'd built up some expectations about it, and it had wrongly been promoted as a tie-in/bridge for Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, when really it was just a marketing thing and the stories don't all fit (much as I liked having Kevin Conroy back in the vocals department, would've preferred the movie cast too, much as I usually don't like work being taken away from talented voice actors just to put a headlining big name on the DVD case).

Looking forward to the Wonder Woman DVD. I'm keeping up with DC, but I've fallen way behind on Marvel's. After Dr. Strange, I think I missed Avengers Next, some sort of Wolverine/Hulk DVD maybe, and also Hulk/Thor ? They're doing all these cheesy-looking "versus!" movies now, but maybe they're okay, I dunno (if only those slashes meant something else, heh heh).
Gotham Knight was a misfire.
You and me, outside, now !


I agree that not all the segments were brilliant (and i'd say that storywise and thematically, none of them were as good as the very best of Batman: TAS) but a couple were right up there IMO - I liked the Azzarello one with the guns very much for instance, a couple were "only" good and a couple were a bit "meh". Some/many of the visuals were absolutely stunning though, even in the "meh" episodes. Mileage is as varied as courses for horses though, as usual ;).

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