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January 20 2009

Total Sci Fi interview with Amy Acker. Dollhouse, her new movie "21 and a Wake Up" and the Angel comic books all get discussed. And the trailer for Amy's movie can be found on YouTube.

Hope the movie does well for her but I kept feeling a little deja vued while watching the video. Then I thought, "Oh yeah, how 'China Beachy.'" Just judging from the video, the characters seem to behave and look a bit like that show. Of course the time period, the actual history of the sitch, and the general military ethos are gonna make that happen regardless. I'm sure the plot is "original." Or you know, not.

I don't know, do people even want to see war movies right now? It was nice however, to see a trailer for a movie that has more than one "token woman" in it. One that wasn't a "chick flick" anyway. Not that they don't have their place... but they bore me.

24 more days till 'Dollhouse!'
Worst trailer ever? Probably not, but it's close.
Amy Acker in a movie about the Vietnam War!

*Passes out from happy intersection of scholarly and fannish interests*.
Not exactly Heart of Darkness or The Thin Red Line. Hope it is good for her career. Nice to see that Faye Dunaway is still in the game.
Yep I second that Amy, where is Alexis Denisof ?

Re: "21 and a Wake Up", that's actually not a bad cast (or it's interesting anyway) but that really is a pretty bad trailer. There's no story there, it's just a set of snippets (hopefully that doesn't reflect the film).

(it also tickles me that Vietnam may not look realistic because it's actually Vietnam i.e. it won't look like it looks in all the other Vietnam war movies ;)
Is this the original trailer?? Really?? So bad???
The movie seems like interesting anyway...
Nice interview..brief, but nice..expecially the "where is Alexis Denisof??" part..!
I can't believe that this was actually put together by a studio. It looks more like some fan got hold of a bunch of dailies and mocked this up. What I found weird, though, was the bit at the beginning about this being the first film ever to be shot on the actual locations where the Vietnam War was shot followed by a bunch of shots that appeared to have been filmed on old MASH sets. The budget looked sub-TV-sitcom.

Color me frustrated. I persist in not understanding how Amy Acker is yet to become the Audrey Hepburn de nos jours.
I was wondering how Joss never mentioned the connection between dolls and actors to her. I had the impression this metaphor was there from the beginning of the show, back at that lunch.

But maybe he just talks with each actor about the metaphors relevant to their role. :)
We should start a "where is Alexis Denisof?" game. Kinda like a "where is Waldo" game.:)
So it felt like, ‘Where’s Alexis Denisof?’ [laughs]

Ah, great question, sans laughter. Seriousfully, is he locked up in a basement with Simon?

I'm interested in the movie, but not because of the trailer. Too long, and I still am not quite sure what it's about. But the cast looks good, interesting shots...

Dollhouse is sooooo close! *drools*
Oh very good to know Mike Massah is doing the stunts for the show, Ats always had better stunts than Buffy, he's amazing.
I didn't know about the scars on her character's face. Conflicted now. I hope at least they're cute scars. Are there any pictures or video of Amy's character?
If Amys in it, I will watch : )
Just hope its a good one, for her sake if nothing else.

>>Nice to see that Faye Dunaway is still in the game.

Maybe... but she looked like something out of a movie about the dangers of plasic surgury misshaps.

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