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January 20 2009

Nominate Dr. Horrible for the first annual Streamy Awards. The deadline is Jan 23rd.

I changed the URL to that of the tweet so posters know that the people behind Dr. Horrible are asking their fans to nominate them.
FWIW, amongst a number of us who put in nominations at the beginning, the consensus has been to nominate Dr. Horrible under Drama and The Guild under Comedy.
Can we not nominate the first 40 minutes for comedy and the last 3 minutes for drama? Oh btw I emailed The Numbers website a couple of weeks back about sales of the Dr. Horrible DVD. Got a reply back saying that their best guess was that it shifted 50,000 copies in its first week. But that was really a very rough estimate. So could be more, could be less.
I wasn't able to nominate both NPH and Nathan Fillion. I guess I should have done NPH for best Male Actor in a Drama, Nathan Fillion for best in a Comedy, and then Felicia in both for Dr. Horrible and then The Guild.
The "Streamies"? Brought to you by Claritin?

Boy, talk about a name only a Snot Monster could love--and yet, I don't. I wonder if someone out there has formulated a Law Of Irrelevant Naming. I've always been struck that the websites that have really prospered have had names that conveyed almost no information at all (Amazon, eBay, etc.), while the ones with the obvious names fell into oblivion ( being a good example).

It occurs to me that a similar point could be made about Award Shows. Oscar and Tony get some respect, Grammy gets a lot less, People's Choice Awards get none at all. "Streamy" for "Streaming Media"?? It doesn't look good.

Maybe in a couple of years they'll change the name to "The Wheedies"? (Or "The Horribles," or, better yet, "The Hammers"--designing the trophies would be easy).
Now I'm remembering having already nominated them for this a while back. Nominated this and The Guild.
I already nominated The Guild in the comedy categories, and it seems like Dr. Horrible really was a tragedy... so I guess I should nominate as a drama?!
That was my argument anyway. Tragedy in comedy clothing. Also pragmatic, to prevent Dr. Horrible from competing against The Guild. Heh.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-01-20 23:54 ]
Yeah, that's how I split it (except I nominated Nathan for Best Actor in a Comedy Web Series and NPH for Best Actor in a Drama Web Series. Just because I lie and cheat and am evil down to my very bones).
Another thing - for those that really like the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show ("It goes round and round, yay!") starring Kim Evey (she was also Felicia's Co-producer on The Guild for Season 1) - you might want to nominate Kim as "Kiko" under "Hosting" for "Best Web Series Host."

I love Kiko and the gang... they are much perspiration and enjoyment.
Yeah, I did the Dr. Horrible/The Guild tag team and ended up with a whole lot of nominations for Felicia, lol. For the record, I went with Nathan for male star, because I figured most people would be doing NPH and wanted both to have a chance. I also nominated Dobber for guest star.

I don't understand why they need to stretch this thing out for 3 or 4 months, especially when only one category is being "voted" on.
I also nominated Dobber for guest star.

Ummm...I'm pretty sure Dr. Horrible is a comedy. Yeah, tragedy disguised as comedy, but...still comedy. So that's what I'm nominating it for.
Why do you hate The Guild so much? ;)
Yeah, I put Dr. Horrible in the comedy category, which it really is. I also don't have a taste for "The Guild" anyway, so all is well with me.

Although, it would be fun to see Dr. Horrible win Best Drama, kinda like when "The Daily Show" won an award (Emmy?) for journalism or somesuch. Cause it was like, sure there's journalism, but...
So I filled out as many nominate things on a page as I wanted and click the nominate button, do all the filled out on the page go in? Or did just the nominate button below that one item go in? Anybody know?

Like do I have to fill out each one seperately and click nominate seperately?
I've never seen The Guild...

*feels extremely embarrassed*
I'm pretty sure you have to fill them out separately, which is a pain.

The Guild is hilarious. And while Dr. Horrible is as well, I have no problem nominating it as a drama. If Joss's other shows qualify as dramas, then this should as well. "Non-comedy based narrative Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Horror or Fantasy web series" fits much better than just a comedy anyway. YMMV, of course.
I'm really interested to see how these awards will work out - it's a real step forward for web series to have their own Awards. I tweeted a question to @streamyawards yesterday about why we couldn't see who had been nominated and how many times and this was their response:

@streamyawards @worldofhiglet Great question! We want to give everyone a fair chance. Remember, one nomination or 20,000ómakes no difference to the Academy

I'm not sure how this is going to work but from all the comments above it looks like most of the people I want to for vote for have been covered. I split my votes between The Guild, Dr Horrible, GTCMS and With The Angels.
In support of Snot Monster's theory, the Buffy award at seems to be sticking.
Is it just me or is the streamy site not working? Everytime I head on over, it won't load!

Grr. Argh.
I also nominated Dobber for guest star.

I'm nominating those charming news anchors.
Also for Dr. Horrible

Composer: Jed Whedon
Art director: Althea Root
Editor: Lisa Lassek
Visual effects supervisor: ?
Director of photography: ?
Visual effects supervisor: ?

[ edited by Sunfire on 2009-01-22 03:07 ]
Right, problem is, I'm not savvy enough to know which titles that sound similar are the same and which aren't. Is director of photography = director of cinematography? Etc.

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