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January 20 2009

(SPOILER) TV Overmind reviews the Dollhouse pilot. Yet another review along the lines of "good, not great, with a lot of potential".

I have no doubt that my initial issues with Dollhouse will be resolved quickly. I love the concept and supporting cast, look forward to further character development and have no doubt that there will be improvement in the execution of what looks to be a very addictive mythology.

"...after ten minutes, I was riveted."

Sounds good to me!
Can't complain with that.

I'm starting to fear that the pilot may not be leaked early and I may actually have to wait a few more weeks until it airs. WHY?!?
snakebyte, advertisers (the folks who foot the bill) like it when people actually turn on their TV to watch a show live. Shocking and horribly outdated, I know, but it answers your question.
I think people can manage another three and a half weeks. I mean, we've waited a year and a couple months already.
I will be airing a few minutes of Dollhouse tomorrow on the old radio show.
At what time is ye old show?
7-9pm tomorrow, GMT. Listen online link and info should go up on Dollverse tomorrow afternoon (UK time).
Can you put all the good stuff on between 7 and 8 and play the spoons for the last hour so I can watch the repeat of Demons on at 8?

Oh sod it. I'll listen to the whole thing. I may send you tweats during it.

Also if the reviews of the first episode are so-so, would Fox send out screeners for the next couple of episodes?
No! No more screeners! I can't handle the absence of this one as it is. Heh.
Actually this is one of the more positive reviews that has come out and I'm really pleased to see that it's by someone who's not much of a Joss fan. That bodes well for attracting new fans
TamaraC: Oh, I'd still watch it live. It's just excruciating having to wait when all these reviews are coming out. I'd have thought one of these kind folk with an advance copy would have decided to share it by now. :/

I can make it. I can make it.
The running notion of why the screeners haven't been leaked is that they allegedly are very well watermarked, resulting in (apparently) no one wanting to take the chance.
I like this review because it focuses more on the potential of the series rather than judging how good/bad the series will be based on one episode. Imagine trying to judge the entire series of Buffy based on "Welcome to the Hellmouth." Joss's genius is in the arcs and exposition. I can't wait!
I just have to say (again) what a pleasant surprise it was to open my fresh copy of Wired today right to a beautiful ad for Dollhouse.
Review was OK but the page design was horrible. I had to copy the text and paste it into Notepad to read it without the distracting window blind background.
All these "good, not great, with a lot of potential" reviews are giving FOX all the reason they need (aside from their own inept logic) to run this show out of order too.
I really don't think that's going to happen
tharpdevenport, I don't think this review comes out in the "not great" category. Being riveted is definitely a good, if you ask me. The author's main gripe was people being too skinny, co-ed showers (which is why my brother is tuning in), and the opening sequence (first 5-ish minutes). The rest was awesome. There's not need to mope in my mind.

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