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"I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great Muppety Odin, I miss that sex."
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January 20 2009

Christian Kane podcast talks about Leverage. It's a radio interview Kane did a few weeks ago about Leverage and is now available for download. It also includes the song from "The 2 Horse Job".

A little further down the podcast page is another podcast interview with Christian Kane. It is from 6-18-2008.
Great stuff, thanks for posting.

I like the part at the end about being an actor and a musician. "I've got two different careers - one lying, and one telling the truth."
I am so enjoying Leverage. Tonights preview for next weeks ep shows it's the one featuring both Danny Strong and (can't remember the actors name, who played Holland manners on AtS). A regular Jossverse reunion.
It's Sam Anderson, Shey. :)

I can't wait for next week!

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