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January 20 2009

Buddy TV Lists the 100 Best TV Shows of the Past 20 Years. Shows some love for Wonderfalls, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy among others.

mmm... i wish carnivale could've finished. i loved where it was heading. can't wait to see where buffy ends up! and if angel is included!
Nice to see a lot of my favorites (Everwood, Supernatural, House, Carnivale, Weeds, Wonderfalls) on the list.

I will be interesting to see where Buffy, Angel, and Firefly appear. I bet Lost, The Sopranos or Seinfeld will get #1.

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Shouldn't we save this till the whole list is available, presumably containing Buffy/Angel/Firefly?
They should disqualify The Wire, just to make things more suspenseful regarding what the best show is.
That's a lot of clicking. Also, wake me when the whole list is up.
I don't know how I'd begin in an attempt to rank, say, "The Wire" against, say, "Seinfeld" (to leave the Whedonverse aside for a second). Lists like this are just too apples/oranges to me. Should have done several: "Best Sitcom," "Best Crime Drama," "Best Hospital Drama," "Best Vampire-Slayer-Based Tragicomedy-Soap-Allegory-Melodrama-Musical," and so forth.

Of course, the least useful and most predictable response to any "Top X" list is to say "lists suck."
Sniff. No non-US shows again, silly inbredness. Though I guess they would be hard pressed to judge something they don't really follow, I'm just sad Coupling won't make the top 10 now. The original one of course, not the horrible horrible remake.

Also, I wonder if I should watch less tv. I've seen at least some episodes of 22 out of 25, and more or less actively followed 10 of those at some point. Would be nice to read some criteria for the series' though, not just some vague criteria for dropping some series. Somewhat nice list, awful execution: vague reasoning for order, bad bad clicky list, only quarter of the top 100, I hope somebody reminds us when they get the full list out.
I'd actually put the UK Office as #1, if we're including non-US shows. (And yes, the US Office should be high.)

Anyway, some shows I'm really, really hoping will be high on there (in no particular order):

Buffy & Angel & Firefly
Mad Men (EDIT: just realized that it requires three seasons!)
Veronica Mars (in spite of my issues with season three)
probably House
The Simpsons
South Park
The Office
Arrested Development
The Daily Show & The Colbert Report
Da Ali G Show (it was at one point on hbo--so American enough, right?)
maybe Deep Space Nine (I greatly prefer it to some of the 76-100 group, at least)

British shows I'd like to see if they did include Brit shows:
The Office
probably Extras

Unfortunately I haven't seen "The Wire," "Deadwood," or "The Sopranos" (yet!) so I can't really chime in for them.

EDITED TO ADD: I also like how shocked the SPN fans are about it only placing #77. That will probably be me if Buffy doesn't make the top ten....

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The writer of this list basically says "It was great and unique and did what no one else dared to do when it first started and I hated the later seasons. Also, I realize that the show was way more/less funny than everyone else" for just about every scripted show.


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Lost? Honestly? I would lose all faith in humanity if that was voted best. I can think of one hundred shows, just off the top of my head, which are better than Lost.
Eh, marvelknight616, what was? The word 'list' implies multiple entries, I for one do not know which show you are referring to.

Also, I too was amused by the Supernatural fan crowd, apparently that show has pretty active community too. I just started watching after several recommendations, S1 was pretty bland, first third of S2 isn't much better yet. I suppose it will get better, but so far not so much. Maybe it would be better if they had some hot girl regulars, or even quest stars with more than 4 lines...
I'm curious too, Wymarvelknight616.

With the US only requirement I would put these on the top of the list:
Arrested Development
The West Wing (Was that on the bottom half of the list? I don't remember)
Family Guy

And hope to find just a bit lower:
Futurama, Dexter, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks, DS9 & Babylon 5.

Without the US requirement I would add:
Coupling (UK) (Nice to see all the love for this show here)
We zijn weer thuis (NL)
Pleidooi (NL)
And maybe: Jekyll (UK)
Checked the 75-51 list, and "house" and "MST3K" (which I hadn't thought of) showed up (yay); so did "Family Guy," of which I'm not so much a fan but obviously people here are. Still waiting on basically everything else I listed. (DS9 I'm pretty sure won't be on here--I figured if it's on the list at all it'd be in the bottom 50. Even though I think it's better than some critical darlings that will probably end up fairly high--which I do watch, but have substantial problems with--like "Lost" and "heroes".)
#47 Angel
Angel never quite lived up to the show it spun off from, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the David Boreanaz vehicle had much of the same great Whedon-y traits. Angel was somewhat darker that Buffy, and gave the Boreanaz room to show off his versatile chops.

#45 Firefly
Joss Whedon has created a fan base all for himself, and that fan base absolutely loved Firefly. Unfortunately, no one else really bought into the sci-fi action/comedy, including FOX, who did not do the show any favors with its time slot placement. All the Whedon elements were there for Firefly, including an incredible cast featuring Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin.

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