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January 20 2009

"Cabin in the Woods" casting begins with Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jenkins ("The Visitor", "Burn After Reading", "Step Brothers") is signed and Whitford ("The West Wing", "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", "Bottle Shock", "An American Crime") is in final negotiations.

Sweet. Richard Jenkins is one of the more under-appreciated actors out there. Still hoping he's gonna get an Oscar nom for "The Visitor."

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This news is made of awesome.
Whoa. Amazing cast so far. Agree about THE VISITOR. Brilliant, understated movie, brilliant understated performance.
I love Nate Sr.(SFU)! It's kind of awesome how prolific he's getting.
Great pair. The Visitor was my favorite movie last year and I fell in love with Whitford over Studio 60. Can't wait to see them in low-cut nighties!! :)
Richard Jenkins also played Nathaniel Fisher Sr. in Six Feet Under.
BRADLEY WHITFORD. OH MY GOD. I am freaking out over here. Like a little fangirl.
Well, that's a pretty great start. Here's hoping Whitford signs. I always loved him over on 'The West Wing' (which, as it happens, is one of the few non Jossverse shows I fell completely in love with, so this is fandoms colliding for me - like when Richard Schiff and Adam Busch turned up on T:SCC (but unfortunately didn't share a screen with summer) ;)).
Ha. Joss' love for The Core shines through. Some really left of field casting there. This is going to be one excellent movie.
Bradley Whitford! Bradley Whitford! *does happy dance*

Josh Lyman, flawed though he is, is probably my favorite West Wing character (and that's a tough list to choose from). (I feel like that is a very poorly constructed sentence. My apologies, but it's 2:30 AM and I really ought to be sleeping right now.)
Left field casting doesn't cover it. I'm already wondering who the audience for this is going to be. Do indie fans go to horror movies? Will horror movie fans go to something that will (I imagine) invert their treasured tropes? It's intriguing me already though.
b!X, do you mean one of the casting people listed is wrong, or that you could only confirm one?
I could only confirm one of the casting people.
Bradley Whitford? BRADLEY WHITFORD! Um, ya...I named my son Josh after Josh Lyman on West Wing. You can say I'm a fan of his. BRADLEY WHITFORD!!!!! This is so great! I really hope this happens!
Holy crap! Bradley Whitford!

Just died of happiness. I trust Joss will bring me back.
Ah, groovy. Knowing nothing about them, I hope it's the one with the Buffy/Angel/Firefly credits. Unless there's something different about casting movies? I'll just assume good decisions are being made all round.

Because Bradley Whitford! And I really liked the other gentleman in "Burn After Reading." Lovely.
Wow! I had no idea that my Bradely Whitford love had so much company. And Richard Jenkins, icing on the cake.
Now we have to wait & see who Joss casts in those pesky strong women roles. ;)
Do indie fans go to horror movies? Will horror movie fans go to something that will (I imagine) invert their treasured tropes?

You know horror fans are fairly open to new stuff and tropes being subverted I reckon ('Scream' grossed about $170 million and made its budget back 10 times over for instance) and we're probably more used to genre bending than any other mainstream audience (horror/comedy, horror/sci-fi, horror/action, horror/romance - all been there, done that ;) so i'm not worried about that aspect too much, in many ways it's Joss' natural niche (and if you're subverting horror tropes, especially the biggest - and Joss' fave for overturning i.e. the female as victim - then there's room for hot babes, which should cover the teenage demo ;). It's really down to how it's sold.

And good to see some quality actors in the offing, Bradley Whitford rules (even if I did want to punch Danny from Studio 60 in his smug, smug face a couple of times ;). Even the tiniest snippets about TCitW make it more and more intriguing.
Bradley was really good as a villain in Burn Up (think Evil Josh) so I'm intrigued to see what Joss and Drew will do with him in their movie.
OMG its the bad guy from Billy Madison.

Business Ethics

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Heh Simon, Burn Up was just shown in Sweden last week, not half bad, Bradley Whitford and Neve Campbell in a British production surprised me, maybe more American actors should read British scripts now and then.
Bradley Whitford's Josh was probably my favourite character on The West Wing, and I thought Richard Jenkins was outstanding in The Visitor, so I'm happy with these choices. But then, I've never been unhappy with any casting choices Joss has had a hand in.
Wow. And Wow!

Half way through Six Feet Under and up to season 6 with The West Wing. Amazing cast so far, very exciting!
Six Feet Under is one of the best shows there is, ever. I'd rank it fourth after the obvious (Angel, Buffy) and, of course, Veronica Mars.
Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford
*prints out list & puts it under her pillow, makes a wish, bathes in the dewey puddle that passes for a pond in her back garden & returns to sleep the prayer-filled sleep that will result in a Drew/Bradley/Joss combo*

I idolized Bradley for years on The West Wing and LOVED him on Broadway this summer in Boeing Boeing. This is such a happy day!
Bradley Whitford! Bradley Whitford! Bradley Whitford! Bradley Whitford! Is ace!
I just texted my West Wing-loving housemate with this news. He responded well. Capital letters and everything. I think it's an outstanding piece of casting news and I am very, very happy right now.
Richard Jenkins played the deliciously quirky private detective in "Shall We Dance".
I love Bradley Whitford in ANYTHING.

I am so not a fan of horror. But I watched Slither for Nathan so I will watch CITW for these two.
Pre-Bradley Whitford casting: "Eh, I'll see it 'cause it's Joss."

Post-Bradley Whitford casting: "THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME."

This better happen.

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Bradley-Freaking-Whitford! Oh my stars and gods Whedon and Sorkin collide! Now to just find a spot for Allison Janney, I bet she could do wonders with a Whedon script.
I love the sound of this.I really go for horror flicks.
I really, really don't like horror movies. Or, that is: movies with lots of blood and gore, which is usually the same thing these days. Movies which are simply scary, I don't mind so much.

But whichever way this goes... I need to see it :).
If anyone's looking for me, I'm going to go stand in line for tickets to "Cabin in the Woods" now... ;-)
I know nothing of the plot for this. Does anyone know or suspect if Bradley Whitford is a scary/bad guy or a good/protagonist?

Of course given the brief description I've read and the brains behind this, I would be surprised if those categories are going to be neat and mutually exclusive. Or at least through the end of the movie anyway.
If you haven't seen Six Feet Under, Richard Jenkins steals every scene he's in in the entire 5 season series. Just watch the pilot even, he's a freakin' revelation.

Excitement has definitely gone through the roof.
Oh my GOD. I have loved both of these men for years. And now to see them in a Joss-written, Goddard-directed project...sweet baby Jesus. Incredible.
... I'll be in my cabin.
The link doesn't seem to be working anymore.
This link should work, redders.
Cheers, cabri.
I've changed the link.
Well, I'm on board the woohoo-Josh-Lyman-will-be-in-TCiTW train!

As for, Richard Jenkins, well, he was great in 6 Feet Under and I'd like to see more of him too.
I know nothing of the plot for this. Does anyone know or suspect if Bradley Whitford is a scary/bad guy or a good/protagonist?

None of us outsiders know anything of the plot for this.
That's what I expected was still true but I haven't been following it all that closely.
There hasn't really been anything to follow closely anyway. That's partly why I was at least trying to confirm some crew information, because while it's not as excitement-generating as casting information, at least it would have been, you know, something. Heh.
New President, donuts in the kitchen at the office, and now this. Shaping up to be a good day.
That's strange. I was thinking this was at least masquerading as a teen movie. These castings completely warp the idea I had of it. Not a bad thing, just weird. Can't wait to see it!
Well, they have said "some teenagers may meet with violence" and "bad things might happen to teenagers during the film".
Yeah, but b!x, that pretty much just describes adolescence. ;-)
Buzz about the movie on Twitter has kicked up thanks to the casting news.
Yeah, my impression of the movie is completely different with this casting, but it's different in a great way. Also, I don't think we've seen Joss write a lot of middle-age people, have we? At least not for an extended period of time. Giles and Buffy's mom are the only two I can think of (and Book, I suppose). Anything else?
Technically, Angel and Spike were older than Giles, Joyce and Book. Spike is in his 130's and Angel is in his 370s? (If you count his time in Acatha's hell dimension between Buffy S2 and 3). So he writes geezers as well. :D
Bradley Whitford in a low-cut nightie.

I'm just sayin'.
WOW! You guys really get excited for such little things, LOL! Neither Jenkins or Whitford's casting pulls my chain. Now, if Alexis Denisof was added to the cast of "Cabin In The Woods", then THAT will make me excited!!! But I will see it because of it being a Joss Whedon movie!
I'm a Bradley Whitford fiend and had a double-plus major crush on him all the way through The West Wing.

BTW, I also note that Joss quite liked the character Josh Lyman himself - although it's sorta unclear if maybe he isn't praising Donna just as much; from his top 25 best TV characters list, Joss lists:

5) Josh Lyman from the West Wing. Another 'throw a stone, hit a favorite', but Josh has a thing. That thing is called Donna.

I hadn't really tracked Richard Jenkins before, but now that I check him out, I do quite like him. I found him in these "Hollywood Tales" at Funny or Die (written by Bryan Safi & directed by Drew Antzis) and they made me laugh:

"It's Hollywood - and I'm a part of it."

"Sea of Love"
"Witches of Eastwick"
"Intolerable Cruelty"

"It's a town of dreams - but sometimes those dreams can turn out to be nightmares."

It's a nice little lead-in to Cabin in the Woods.

; >
The Wesleyan University connections continue - Whitford is also an alum.

Little Green Kid, this isn't a little thing...Jenkins and Whitford are two extremely talented actors. Two of the best working today, in fact.

You should see Jenkins in The Visitor. He got a lot of Oscar buzz for it, though it doesn't appear that he's going to get nominated tomorrow. Ya never know, though.
Just started watching Six Feet Under (now in Season 2) and Richard Jenkins does steal every scene he's in. I love him. :)

Who's Bradley Whitford?

I'm guessing that whatever we think this movie is about, or what's going to happen in it... will be off. I like the not-knowing. >)
You should watch West Wing, korkster. He's a main character, and he's super. Also, the show is amazing.
Are there any women in this film? Since I've seen/read very little about the movie in general (it's scanty, I tell you), plot news, script news, I have no idea.

I'm actually itching at the thought of seeing Richard Jenkins again - damn, I loved Six Feet Under so much.
No one has any idea, Tonya J. This is the first information released about characters or actors so far.
Well, someone let Joss know that I'm available, provided someone pay my airfare. Will Act For Food... and Autographs :D
It might be really interesting if this were the Reservoir Dogs of horror films. I'm a little giddy watching Lost, so forgive me my little flight of fancy.

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The only downside to that, Tonya J, would be the legion of fans who would suddenly declare him anti-feminist.
Oh, he gets that if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, UC.

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