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January 20 2009

A polite Canadian TV invasion. The Toronto Star presents an all-star line-up of Canucks stealing what Brits and Aussies have been making off with for a while now...TV show lead roles!

Included in the article are blurbs relating to Nathan Fillion's role on Castle - and you get a lovely shot of the Capt'n - and Tahmoh Penikett's role in Dollhouse. Though the latter's more a shout-out, but I think it's the thought that counts ;)

Alas, no love for the East Coast. C'mon, Ellen Page, take over a television show!
Cobie Smulders shoulda got some love as well. They do a great job on HIMYM with the Canadian gag. Just the other day a person bumped into me and I offered them a donut :)

I suggest as Canadians we offer David Boreanaz honorary citizenship. What I wouldn't give to have those pictures (Orr and the skyshot of the net) that decorate Mr. Booth's FBI office.

Canada FTW

Oh and for those who watched the Pilot of United States of Tara, how jacked are you!? Looks like it'll be a great show.
EX - United States of Tara blew my mind. I had seen all the hype for it, but I am unprepared for how AWESOME it would ultimately be! Toni Collette forever! (on a side note, check out Being Erica. Canadian content never looked so good.) (eta Being Erica shout out)

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David did say he used to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE for us locals) when he was a kid. Does that count?
I'm a bit in love with United States of Tara, as well. I'm eagerly awaiting the second episode. I have to say, as someone who was (and, let's face it, still is) a gay, sci-fi/film/music geek in high school, I'm really looking forward to Marshall's storyline. Also, I bet the Alice alter will be a lot of fun.

The only fear I had about the show has been addressed by Diablo Cody in an interview in which she mentioned (SPOILER) .

My list of shows to watch this season just keeps growing... Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, House, The United States of Tara, 30 Rock. It's a really good thing I don't have a life.
EX, I LOVED "The United States of Tara." If you think Toni Colette rocked in this episode, wait till you see the next one. She's incredible! Marshall is the little brother I wish I had.
Good to see people are loving UST as much as I am. And YES! Marshall is probably going to end up my favourite character. He reminds me a little of Sam Weir played by John Francis Daley (love him) in Freaks & Geeks. And I'm so happy that John Corbett is part of that show. He just brings a certain warmth to everything he does.

There truly is some extremely good TV Knuckleball. I'm following over 20 shows, plus playing catch up. TV literally is my life.

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