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January 21 2009

(SPOILER) Casting call for Dollhouse Episode 12. Written and directed by Tim Minear, the penultimate episode of the season starts filming today.

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YUPPIE BUSINESS MAN . . . Caucasian . . . Please Submit All Ethnicities.

Wow, things really have changed.

ETA: Maurissa, apply now!

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I gather Tim is directing this as well?
Thirteen episodes should be the limit to all tv shows. twenty-something is just too much and they get lost a bit .
Cool! I just hope Joss makes a closed end of Dollhouse. If it will help the network cancel the series in case something goes bad, but it will be good for the fans.

He could do both ends, a closed end and a cliffhanger end. Or could do the two together (like the 1st season finale of VM).
"Thirteen episodes should be the limit to all tv shows. twenty-something is just too much and they get lost a bit ."

Thirteen-episode seasons tend to be a bit tighter but I still love the 22-episode Buffy and Angel seasons. If you cut them down you'd remove 'Killed by Death' and so on, but cutting 9 episodes out of, say, BtVS season 3 would be sacrilege.
Having Tim and Joss reunite is sweet l remember the Angel haydays when he, Joss, David and Ben Edlund wrote some of the most memorable episodes ever. l am anticipating a great episode on Dollhouse
Here are my Whedonverse suggestions...

Amber Benson

Alexis Denisof C'mon, Tim, he needs the work since he's going to have a kid to support soon

[SAMULESON] Rodney Rowland

Anthony Stewart Head

Need more character description. But I'll go with Jewel Staite just because she's so adorable.

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Thanks, b!X. Corrected.

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