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January 21 2009

Vote for Dr. Horrible as Best Web Original in the Hulu Awards. It must win. Btw Buffy is nominated for best comedy.

Of course it must win. It will win. I cast my vote.
I voted. And it will win, without a doubt.

I also noticed the category "Best Scifi/Fantasy Series Race Advances" They haven't picked the finalists for that one yet; WE have to. Please type "Firefly" in the comments of that category. The folks supporting "Sanctuary" have already found it. :D

NOTE: Should or could this category have it's very own link on Whedonesque?
Up for best comedy? That's iffy. Episodes like "The Body" weren't exactly a laugh riot.

(It's a drama with comedic elements...)

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Scifi/fantasy tv list. Buffy, Angel, and Firefly are all still in the running.
I cast my vote, unfortunately it only let me vote once!
Comedy? Really? That kinda bothers me.
I voted for DH. But I can't vote for Buffy for best comedy because a) it's not a comedy, even though it had a lot of humor in it, and b) SNL reigns the comedy category IMO.
Voted for DH, didn't vote for Buffy for comedy because I think it's weird to be on there in the first place, as has been said already.

Now I'm going to go back there and finish my episode of Doogie Howser.

I think Buffy is the best show ever made, but I can't vote for it in the best comedy section. I gave the vote to Arrested Development. I would have voted for Buffy in either Drama or Action.
I voted for Buffy. Life Serial is still the funniest thing I've ever seen on tv.

"Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!"

"This mummy hand has ceased to be! It is an ex-mummy hand!"

Oh maaaaaan, pitting my Babylon 5 against my Firefly? That is just so cruel, you know?
LoL. Yeah, those were gooood times, Sunfire. :) I learned so much about 007 pre-Pierce.
Looking at their "best of" list for the 70s and the 80s gives me the feeling that TV has reeeally improved.

(And it's the argument over the Death Star painting that kills me every time. And the horn.)
Two words: kitten poker.

I voted for Alf for the 80s. No contest. Clearly I love shows that make jokes about eating cats.

(Two more words: drunk Buffy.)

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Oh boy. I just can't justifiably vote for Buffy for best comedy... best drama, sure. Now I need to decide whether to vote for 30 Rock or Arrested Development...
Obviously I voted for the good, er, evil Doctor, but comedy? Despite the fact that Buffy had about six times as much film, Arrested Development made me laugh harder and more often. No question.
Voted for Dr H with the clearest of consciences, no probs. Can't vote for Buffy as Best Comedy (it simply isn't IMO, even if you restrict it to American comedy as this seems to).

Can't vote for Buffy or Angel as Best Sci-Fi (cos neither are IMO - not trying to start that debate up again, i'm just sayin' is all ;). I would've voted for Firefly there because I think it's brilliant TV BUT BSG is better IMO (partly because *sniff "Foxxxxxx !"* they've just had longer to realise their vision) - if it had just a smidge more humour it'd probably be less BSG-ish but near as dammit my perfect TV show. Commence the throwing of the rotten fruits/meats/plague-ridden bovine corpses etc. ... now ! ;)

The Best of the 70s/80s categories are a bit of a joke though I reckon. Presumably they had to go with the nominations they were given by readers but (again, sticking to US shows) no 'Hill Street Blues' ? No 'St. Elsewhere' ? No Taxi, Cheers, The Cosby Show, MASH, Roots ... ??? Mentalism of the first water ;).
I voted but feel completely jipped. Hulu have this thing about non-americans actually using their site.
I voted for Buffy in the fantasy/SF category... but only because of the fantasy. If it had just been SF I think I would have had to hand my vote to B5. (BSG hasn't quite equaled it yet, although it still may.) But Buffy is still the greatest of shows in my heart.

Voted for Dr. H of course -- but considering the competition, do we even really need to?
It does say Fantasy as well doesn't it, totally missed that earlier, oops. Why is there a world before coffee ? Isn't it more sensible for everything just to pause until your blood-caffeine has reached a certain minimum safe level ?
I'm glad you're all voting in the Hulu Awards. It's been lots of fun to be a panelist.

Although I will cry if both Dr. Horrible and BtVS don't win. I don't care what categories they are listed in - oh, except for the "worst of" categories. ;)
I added the bit about Buffy to the entry.
The Best of the 70s/80s categories are a bit of a joke though I reckon. Presumably they had to go with the nominations they were given by readers

I haven't perused their 70s/80s offerings to verify this, but I expect the fact that they're limited from the very beginning to what shows they offer means the pool of potential nominees would leave out a lot of great shows to start. Their catalog is still pretty limited since they only get stuff from 2 of the major US networks.

Speaking of which, there is a "best major network" category. Which is limited to the two that own Hulu: NBC and FOX.

Stop your bellyachin' though-- ALF is on there! Does anything else from the 80s really matter?
Well, since it is the Hulu Awards, I guess they have to concentrate on shows that are actualy available to watch on Hulu. Crazy!!

I see that Matt has already posted about "drowning in browncoats" on his site. I'm glad. I would have sent you all over to vote on my blog, but I think it's considered bad form here to mention your own site. Right?

Well, if not, you can always vote - again and again - for Hulu Awards on my blogs - and

Alright, that was just shameless plugging. I'll apologize later.
You can mention your own stuff in comments but you can't post a front-page thread linking to it.

Their catalog is still pretty limited since they only get stuff from 2 of the major US networks.

Aha, right, just had a look at what they actually offer and that makes perfect sense.

Must admit, I feel a bit daft for having bothered to vote in a "Best of" that's actually nothing of the kind. It's an online poll that's contrived to be even less meaningful than nearly every other online poll. Which is really saying something ;).
I didn't vote in a lot of categories since there was nothing in them I thought was "best." But in a few cases a show I would rank as one of the best was in there, so I voted.

Hulu is losing its awesome for me as they've been pulling older episodes of series I had just started watching there. I only watch new House episodes there nowadays because FOX's site has a player that annoys me. Same with Daily Show and Colbert-- Comedy Central's site is much improved but still clunkier to navigate. I wish networks would buy a clue about usability.
Yeah, I guess if you feel the show just is better than every other show then it still makes sense to vote for it.

A lot of the Daily Show stuff works from outside the US too, which immediately puts it above Hulu for me ;).
It really has been fun to be a panelist for the Hulu Awards, though. Hopefully, it will lead to big things. Um, OK, probably not, but a girl can dream . . .

The difficult part is exactly as has been mentioned, having to vote for stuff that clearly isn't the best in a category, just the best of what's available to vote for. (That does make sense, just read it again.)

I do like to watch stuff on Hulu rather than on some official sites, just because of the players they use. Hulu is easier.
I love watching stuff on Hulu. I don't really have any problem voting on just their available stuff since I'm sure it tells some lurking algorithm a bit about the tastes of their demographics.

That said...what's with the yanking of the second half of my Mushi-shi episodes, Hulu? That just sucks.

Aaand I voted! Now where's my sticker?
Hulu have this thing about non-americans actually using their site.

Yes, and their thing is that they want non-Americans to be able to use their site.

But international rights are complicated, not everyone wants to give them, and even if they do negotiations take time.
Yeah my sense is that the people who operate Hulu day to day have the same vision of lots of awesome content that their userbase has, but since they are putting major studio content on the internet, they're rather limited by the studios in what they can provide online.

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