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January 21 2009

Felicia Day schools Jimmy Fallon on WoW. Gearing up for his new talk show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the actor/comedian gets tips from Felicia Day on creating a proper character in World of Warcraft.

Fun video. Guess Felicia's the go to girl for WoW in Hollywood. Hope he brings her back when he's actually on the air.

Is that the new haircut? Nice.
I got the feeling he was pissing her off a little... or maybe I just don't like Jimmy Fallon...
Hell, I do not like Jimmy Fallon but Felicia is great as always. I loved that she knew the number or WoW subscriptions off the top of her head....sigh....there must be something wrong with her we don't know about, because nobody can be that perfect.
I think she may be a secret Mac user or maybe thinks COBOL was a really intuitive, efficient way to write software or that Microsoft's anti-competitive practices in the 80s and 90s were a perfectly reasonable response to the dog eat dog world of big business - there has to be something wrong with her ;).

Totally OT BTW, but I was reading the UK PC Gamer for Jan '09 and saw an unexpected Dr Horrible shout-out - above a review for a freebie game 'Grey Matter' about, basically, bashing in brains was the headline "You've Got to Bash in Minds" ;).

(much more on topic, a few months previously - maybe cover date October or November '08 ? - they had a fairly long interview with none other than Ms Felicia Day, mainly talked about her gaming side but it touched on all sorts)
Its pretty rare we get a new there are "SO AND SO NUMBER" of players... and it was only recently the new 'number' of 11 million was announced. So most players kinda know that number off the top of their head from only recently reading it around the web. So its not weird that she knows it. I knew it when she said it and im only very casual player.
Oh this was funny, he clearly 'didn't get it'... newbies always seem a little annoying after all.
I think most Hollywood types are very cautious about sharing their real thoughts and feelings with the public. Hopefully, Felicia will continue sharing with the same transparency that we have been lucky enough to see to now. It would be nice if some of our other favorites were as open and forthcoming. She is fraking awesome!

Caroline, you know there's a nice little spot under Nathan, next to Sarah for a Felicia pic...:)
Saje: I think she may be a secret Mac user..."

Where did that come from? (Unless you mean that the "good" state would be a public Mac user.)

Rather than get into a computer political war, let me quote something the Tasmanian Devil said to Bugs Bunny:
"Why you want to bury me in the cold, cold ground?"
Yeah, let's avoid a computer war but just to clarify, what I mean is that all Mac users are deeply, deeply evil. They hate freedom and are communists and if given the chance, rather than stroke a cute kitten they would probably push it away and just go on with their typing. We're talking Prince of Darkness levels of evil here.

(i.e. i'm kidding. It's COBOL programmers that're evil)
Typing? I thought all Apple products just had one button... *ducks*
(Ok, some of them have a wheel too. :-P )
I understand almost none of this, yet some of it seems to offend me. Aren't COBOL programmers all dead pretty much? How can they be evil in the present tense? And I'm more sure than ever that I should have been a Mac user, but it's too late now.
Vampires are dead, too, but that doesn't mean they aren't evil.
Wait, what is thing you call "Windows?" I do not know this, in my perfect Mac world of wonder, or WoW, as we call it.

I lurves Felicia Day. This clip had me laughing.
That is some solid exposure, right there.
After wasting years of perfectly good expletives on Windows, Word (said with loathing) and all their relatives, I switched to a Mac when my PC died and now working is like breathing.

Do you think they'll let me into the Evil League of Evil now?
I bet my personal invite from Bad Horse is in the mail right now...
She seems to have become the Truly "Crown`ed" Queen Of This Stuff*; this monring, she made, with her name int he headline, the contents section of the main page of MSNBC's Tech and Science website page. (I go there every morning at work, see if there's any new dinosaurs or planets been discovered.)

*Dunno if she'd like that title as written, tho . . . .
Maybe it's not too late for me, BreathesStory. My laptop is old, and I'm going to have to buy a new one soon anyway.
COBOL programmers can be evil in the present tense because they are undead.

I switched to a Mac when my PC died and now working is like breathing.

I assume you mean the breathing of someone with COPD? I kid. Do you have trouble exchanging Office docs or did you a) buy Office for Mac or b) is OOo much better these days? or c) do you run Boot Camp or a Windows VM? Being dogmatic about operating systems is fairly silly. There isn't a major OS today that isn't good at most things (except AIX, which is, frankly, crap at most things). Right, back on track, but its hard to avoid taking a swipe at AIX ;) That said, I started on Apple computers and have mostly recovered (yes, I am joking, though I do find a default Mac OS X install to be somewhat limiting - must. get. to. command. line.). I do love their embedded OSs as on the current iPods and iPhone, they really brought some innovation to a product space (mobile phones) that needed a swift kick in the arse-region.

Up until recently we had representation from many OSs in house :) Nowadays, aside from the NAS (a very tiny ARM port of Linux) and a ton of Virtual Machines (various *NIXes and Win7 beta), we are Vista Ultimate x64 and XP SP3 'round here. I know its cool to say Windows crashes and particularly to bash VIsta, but my Vista x64 box has never crashed nor BSOD'd in 14 months (that would be since I built it).

I do find the distinction of PC and Mac to be silly given that Macs and non-Macs are all personal computers running on largely interchangeable hardware, especially now that Apple dropped PPC in favor of the mighty Core2 micro-architecture.

Oops, anyway, on the actual subject, is anyone else here a former MMORPG junkie? I played up until WoW was in beta, wherein I decided it wasn't for me any longer (and particularly WoW, but that's another story). Spent way more time than I should ever publicly admit playing EQ/EQ2/AC/AC2/AO/DAOC/COH and a few others. If you are a MMOG-type you know what all of those abbreviations mean. If you don't then you likely neither know nor care :)
This is funny. She was very nice, but not without humor.
I thought there were a couple of jabs (especially about the character name), but Jimmy can take it :). Felicia was delightful, as always.
I think making fun of the host a bit is the point really.
dreamlogic, after at least fifteen years of having a PC user inferiority complex (we never clicked), I took the leap, bought the Mac and now I am in love. Even if it did take me a year of dithering and haunting the stores before I made that leap. Somehow, my Mac and I...we just grok.

If you want to look into it there's a great book called Switching to the Mac, Leopard edition :the missing manual by David Pogue that you could peruse first. I have it, but to tell you the truth, I haven't really needed to look at it - but maybe my needs are pretty simple?

The only "problem" I've had is finding the right drivers for my five year old HP 4 in 1 printer. Importing my old stuff has been a breeze, and at least now I don't have to worry so much about security. None of those pesky Windows attacks, and by running Firefox, which I think something like only 2% of surfers use...I have a bit more peace of mind.

And on COBOL:

Apparently, COBOL is ancient paganism - see link. So just mostly dead. Which I guess does mean undead. Hmmm. So COBOL=vampires. This opens up entirely new possibilities for killing said vampires...
I initially thought the BSG characters prayed to the Lords of COBOL. No? Of Fortran, then? Oh, OK.
Yeah, its silly to think that any one UI paradigm will service all users equally. IOW, find one that just makes sense to you and go with it. Linux helpfully has at last count 60 trillion Window Managers :). I exaggerate... slightly.
Man, I got my first Mac in 1984 and had never used a Windows machine until I moved in 2004. And when I did everyone laughed at me because I could not even do basic stuff since there were these, y'know, differences. Now, I have a Windows Dell at work and a Mac desktop and laptop for home. While the basic programs I use are the same, even tiny differences in locations of commands is a pain; I do nothing really difficult- word processing, network, some web development, but nothing really technical. But my son, a graphic artist, works entirely on a huge Mac. I love Macs and I can be evangelical about them. Just saying. But I'm guessing FD is using not-a-Mac.
COBOL was my first "high level language". I was so glad when I got to use FORTRAN II I/O with my COMPASS code (punched on cards, btw.) Games I was mostly out of by the time MMUDetall came along; I loved Rogue, though.
COBOL programmers don't die, they just move onto a higher Environment Division. There are indeed some COBOL programmers still alive for I, in my younger days, was such a one (only for about 2 weeks, it was a temp job). I'm better now though ;).

(I like that link to the language descriptions. Did I detect a teeny Python bias in there ? ;)

I do love their embedded OSs as on the current iPods and iPhone, they really brought some innovation to a product space (mobile phones) that needed a swift kick in the arse-region.

Oh jesus, the iPhone UI is a thing of beauty, it's just so smooth and intuitive and, well, lovely ;). I don't really know how reliable or otherwise it is cos I haven't got one but a few people at work have and they don't seem to moan much so i'm guessing not too bad.

In truth, as zeitgeist says, Mac vs PC is pretty much a distinction without a difference these days (but it's still funny to pull the chain very, very, very occasionally ;). Macs are great for users, there's no doubt. Traditionally they've "just worked" and that's what users want. But they were pretty closed for a long time (though not initially) and not very tinkerer friendly and if you're not solely a user but also an enthusiast then Macs weren't really the first choice (ironically, given their staid image - which Apple capitalises on to good commercial effect - PCs are actually the crazy anarchist boho computer in some ways and without that open free-for-all driving their development we wouldn't have anything like the computing power at our fingertips that everyone takes for granted today).

Anyway, the ZX81 kicks them both to the curb ;).
Sinclari in the house, also TI-99 4/A represent ;)! Random tangent on subjects geeky... when the team read the names off the fake IDs that Hardison gave them in the most recent episode of Leverage, I just about died laughing (Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Tom Baker, Sarah Jane :)). This, only an ep or two after he mentions retasking a satellite so he could torrent the new Doctor Who episode. Someone's a fan in the writers room.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2009-01-22 21:02 ]
I guess it depends on the language you enthuse. The Smalltalkers I know seem to looove their Macs. Of course, both of them having gestated at Xerox Parc probably has something to do with that.
COBOL programmers are still in very high demand, so they aren't completely (un)dead yet. I even think I saw somebody somewehere advocating COBOL as a web development language, which is frightening.

Among the trillions of Linux window managers that zeitgeist mentioned, is evilwm, which of course is evil. It is one of the more insanely lightweight WMs available and I think runs in under 30K of memory. I've sometimes used it for launching a second X session for fullscreen gaming.

Anyway, all five of my operational computers run Linux and nothing but.

Hmm, is it my imagination, or do Felicia threads tend to be a lot geekier than the average?
Yeah, Felicia seems to bring out the, err, "best" in us ;).

I guess it depends on the language you enthuse. The Smalltalkers I know seem to looove their Macs.

With languages I guess it just depends on the development environments available. Even in the 90s (i.e. the dark days of Mac OS classic with no CLI - at all !?! - or Mach kernel) I remember 'Code Warrior' being quite highly thought of for C development. Still software though, messing around with hardware was always easier on the PC (it's also arguably what made/makes them less "just work"y than Macs but rough with the smooth and all that ;).

This, only an ep or two after he mentions retasking a satellite so he could torrent the new Doctor Who episode. Someone's a fan in the writers room.

Oh John Rogers is a big Who fan, he raves about the revamp but from some of the stuff he says i'm pretty sure he's watched classic too. Yep, really digging the geeky shout-outs.

(had a feeling since I watched the pilot we were in Geekonia - when Hardison opens the door to the computer room and we hear the W.O.P.R. sound effects from 'Wargames' you know that the creators of this show are of our people ;)
Methinks it is not your imagination. She is one of our patron saints these days, so we all feel more at ease in her threads ;). And, Saje, right there with you on the W.O.P.R. effect :)))

Still software though, messing around with hardware was always easier on the PC (it's also arguably what made/makes them less "just work"y than Macs but rough with the smooth and all that ;).

Yeah, its easier when you only support six video cards, who knew :)? I like to pretend that the fact that Apple is using previous generation Intel processors and previous gen nVidia graphics will put to rest the "Macs are faster at Photoshop" meme that seems to persist regardless of benchmarks that show that it just isn't so. There's no Altivec under that hood no more, just stock Core2 goodness (with SSE4.1 on the newest C2s). Plus, the cool kids use their GPUs to accellerate filters/blends in gfx programs and grid computing a la Folding@Home's GPU client.
Felicia is so awesome. I love how she even disparages his character's name. So funny.

I initially thought the BSG characters prayed to the Lords of COBOL. No? Of Fortran, then? Oh, OK.

Oh dear, I had that same thought for such a long time. How embarrassing for me. Thanks for making me not the only one.
I think most of my anti-Mac bias stems from those Mac commercials, which I find condescending and misleading. I use both, but I'll take a "PC" any day of the week. I'm (ok, my brother is) more of a tinkerer than a use what they give you-er.
I'm glad I'm not the only one, either, chickenbird!
Yeah, I've kept the BSG-folk praying to the Lords of COBOL, too. It just tickled me, so I've carefully maintained it that way in my head.

Felicia may be a PC-user in general, but she's also Mac-friendly, being an iPhone gal.
Well, iPhone friendly does not necessarily equal Mac friendly but it probably means not KoS to Apple ;). Yes, I disagreed with you specifically to use more geeky terminology!
Heh, AlanD's right, it's like the first day of summer in these threads - we all go a bit TLA crazy ;).

(i'd heard of Folding@home but hadn't been to their site, some cool stuff there)
Yeah, its cool stuff and there are clients for CPU, GPU and the PS3 even :).
1,2,3 altogether now ... Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those !

<Hardison>Age of the Geek, baby!</Hardison>

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