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January 21 2009

Composer for "Dollhouse". Rob Simonsen, whose previous credits include doing additional score on such films as "Surf's Up" and "Stone of Destiny" for film composer Mychael Danna and scoring at least a dozen projects himself, has listed on his site that he is the composer for "Dollhouse".

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Been waiting forever for this news to be announced so happy it finally has been. :P
An old news announcement at a Dolhouse site said back in December a composer was chosen, but didn't name the composer, so if Simonsen wasn't hired back then, then he's replaced somebody.
i wonder what song it is
An original created by Jonatha Brooke & Eric Bazilian.
Oooo, I'm hearing really good things about 500 Days of Summer, too. :)
I like his work.
There are some really beautiful tracks on his website... very promising for Dollhouse.
Might try a bit of link-replacing:

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