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January 22 2009

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch's thoughts on After The Fall #16. If you haven't read the issue and don't want spoilers, don't read this.

I think I felt a variation on the Connor dying thing, I think I would have been happy if Spike, Angel and Wesley had been the only ones left. AtF would have been a bloodbath (not that it isn't now), but it was also epic and lets face it, its hell, how many people can you have surviving realistically? To be honest I was more heartbroken at the revelation that there is no trace of Fred left within Illyria.

But I am thinking more and more that the way things have worked out is fantastic for the characters. I am so excited about Gwen/Connor dialogue and Illyria scenes. Also I was getting worries about Season 8 syncing up.

I am now having AtF withdrawl, and really want to go out and buy the hardcovers, despite having all the comics (sadly they are in Reading and I am in Manchester).

Cheers Brian for a truly epic run!
So wait, wasn't being sent to HelLA a punishment for the fight in the alleyway? So wouldn't everything just reset anyway? Gunn won't be a vampire, but Wesley will still be dead and then be a ghost, right? Or is he off this mortal coil because the Wolfram and Hart building was destroyed? Was it already destroyed during the alley fight? I thought Gunn blew it up to get rid of all the potions, and also accidentally vanquishing Wesley in the process.

Very confusing. If I didn't know there was another issue soon, I'd start getting all inquisitive about most of the stuff in this issue. Just, what is "reality" now?

edit: Wouldn't they just be going back to Hell soon? They still fought in the alley!

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The Hell situation was punishment, yes. But Angel figured out a way to beat it. Now that they're back in time, W&H wouldn't send Angel again, because he'd just kill himself again and they'd have to keep going back. And Wesley was only used as a ghost by W&H for the Hell-A situation. They'd have no need to bring him back again.
Are they going to have to do another rewind since everyone on ATF and Buffy S8 knows about demons and vamps now?
I'm pretty sure that's just the new rules in the Buffyverse, actually.
I doubt there will be any undoing of vampires and demons being public.This is now the new status quo of the Buffyverse.
Everyone should wait til issue 17 to see the real end, and also the Aftermath arc to see where this goes, everyone is jumping to "i hate this" and nobody even knows where Brian and Joss are going with this ... so chill out
I've only seen maybe two people jump to "I hate this," and only three or four who are even iffy about it. 90% of the reaction I've seen is very positive.
I'm not seeing the "OMG MY LIFE IS OVER" posts either or YAGE's either. So I don't think we need to chill. Though maybe we could rename the series "After The Gall".
I can't deny that I was a little bit disappointed with the "reset," but I haven't yet decided whether or not I think it was an appropriate narrative choice. I want to read #17 first to see how the consequences are dealt with.

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