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January 22 2009

Bianca Lawson on Bones tonight. The Futon Critic has the synopsis for the episode.

I almost didn't recognize her without the accent.
She looked gorgeous!
I found some amusement in the fact that the episode was about ice hockey (since Buffy and Angel were ice skating the first time she and DB were in a scene together).

I make my own fun.

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Dollhouse promo, yay.
Dang it! I chose to watch CSI and so not only missed Bianca, but the Dollhouse promo, too.

The first Bones was cute, but my antenna had to be repositioned so I could watch CSI so I couldn't even flip channels during ad breaks.
Awww..I missed it. Just happened to be watching "What's My Line (2)" today on DVD.
That's me favorite shirt. That's me only shirt
Darn. I was watching and I still missed the Dollhouse promo.
Vague That Up, I had the same thought! Then I fantasized about other BuffyVerse peeps coming on and you know James Marsters' char would have to drive Booth up the wall! He and David have mad chemistry its a shame not to utilize it ;)
Great, Mirage, now I'm going to have James Marsters guest starring on BONES fantasies all day! ;) There are worse fates in life.
That's a great idea! I can see the plot now: Booth and Bones investigate a series of ritualistic murders. They seek the help of an expert on ritual killings: Sardonic atheist, JM - who spends the entire episode making sly, offhand cracks abotu Catholicism, driving Booth nuts.
Add me to the "having JM guest starring on Bones would be great" party! I've thought about it, and I'm happy to see I'm not the only one!! More JM-DB fights (verbal or else, any kind, there could be oil involved as well..) on tv, pleaseee!
I loved the ice skating part. It would have made me think about Buffy even if Bianca didn't appear in this episode. By the way, she looked so beautiful.

Oh, JM on Bones!!! What an excellent idea! :) I would enjoy that VERY much.
I bet David was over the moon with the hockey theme! Like a kid in a candy store… with a mean looking stick ;)

I wonder if they'd bring Bianca's character back - she owned it.

RE: JM. If not that, he could be a witty sleuthy squint - with Temperance's ego but with better social skills (maybe an old fling, now that would rub Booth the wrong way). Man, I wish that in Numb3rs he was playing one of those uber-brainy math geeks not the typical a bad guy (hopefully, he’ll be a smart baddy!). I think he would look adorkably yummy talking smart with wire-rimmed glasses... and curls. The curls are a must!

I do love it when I see James playing all new roles *grin*

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I found some amusement in the fact that the episode was about ice hockey (since Buffy and Angel were ice skating the first time she and DB were in a scene together).

I totally thought this too, Vague That Up. And I was excited with this inside information that I harassed my family about it during the show. Thank goodness for DVR-rewind. :)

I would die a happy heaven if JM guest-starred on Bones.
Dollhouse is getting a lot of play. Very nice.

I think it's interesting how Boreanaz's interest in hockey became a part of the show.
Were any of those episodes the one that DB directed?

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