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January 22 2009

(SPOILER) Harry Lennix talks to SCI FI Wire about Dollhouse. Calls his character "not so much the conscience", but just the guy who asks, "Why?"

Great read, thanks!
Good to see that Dollhouse has other actors besides Eliza in it.
Yeah, I'm so glad that since it was announced Dollhouse has gained extra characters and now, like Firefly, is pretty much a show with 9 main characters.
Plenty of questions remain for Langdon to ask over several years of a series.

Wouldn't that be nice.
OK, that has a big spoiler: . Can someone add "SPOILER" to the title, please?
True, MissKittysMom. That was totally new and might contradict what we heard in the Dollverse-show.
Last night I saw a preview of this on Bones. Very niiice. :)

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