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January 22 2009

Mordecai v. Cabin in the Woods. Apparently CitW has also been known as Mordecai since last November, based on some casting sides released back then. In fact, The Movie Insider first posted about it way back on 11/23/08.

NOT AT ALL A SPOILER Maybe Mordecai is one of our new stars? Or a brooding killer-hermit? Hermit-killer? Or a monster seeking light refreshments? Or just the Mordecai cabin? Enquiring minds and all that...

Could it just be a "Blue Harvest" situation intended to keep things like casting sides and spoilers from leaking to interested parties like us? I kinda hope so, I like the name Cabin in the Woods.
That would be good for locals, though, cuz now they know when they see Mordecai on a sign it's Drew and Joss shooting. :)
So less a movie about killings in the wood, more about a prophet in the Book of Esther. I for one welcome this direction.
Also, a source now confirms my suspicion that the film will be shooting in/around Vancouver BC in addition to LA.
This reminds me of an episode of Supernatural entitled 'Hell House' in which Sam and Dean fight an evil spirt named Mordecai in (egads!!) a cabin in the woods.
Ah. That pushes me over into the 'codename' camp since it seems like a really unlikely coincidence.
Although I can't actually access it, it looks like the listing for Cabin lists Mordecai as an AKA. (If you search for Mordecai, Cabin is in the results, and it didn't used to have an AKA indicated as amongst its records.)
Hmm, yet Joss/Drew have been calling it 'The Cabin in the Woods' since Comic-con 2007. Is the codename just for filming purposes then (cos, y'know, not a code anymore ;) ?

As well as the Bible reference BTW, we have the meaning "little man" (an evil version of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' ?) or "little boy" (clearly a reference to the Hiroshima bomb, the full title probably being 'The Cabin in the Woods [Where Oppenheimer Lived and Then was Eaten by Zombies]'. Then there's "follower of Marduk". Well, I don't need to spell this one out do I ? Marduk ... Murdock ... H.M. 'Howling Mad' Murdock - it's the long awaited A-Team remake and I for one think it couldn't be in better hands (picture Richard Jenkins saying "I love it when a plan comes together" and the whole thing just falls into place). Almost too obvious.
twinkiefoo, I thought of the same thing when I saw 'Mordecai' and 'cabin' because "Hellhouse" one of my favorite episodes of the show.

Can't wait to hear more about this, though.

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Why would the codename be the name of a lovable great dane? I don't get it.
Marmaduke. Now that's a dawg...
Well this suggests the plot to kill many people is thwarted! Or something. There's your spoiler.
So it's starring the hawk from The Royal Tenenbaums? Cool beans.
Damn you, redders! I was so gonna say that.
Oh come on: it's obvious! Mordecai lived in Shushan. Shu-shan...shan-shu. CinW is clearly itself a code-title for "Angel: The Movie."
Of course. Jenkins is playing the older now-human Spike.
And with a little mousse, Brad Whitford could TOTALLY rock the 'hedgehog hair' look a la Angel! :-D
Too much fun is being had in this thread. It's like a drug!
The apparent log line (one-line summary) for the film:

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Well that's lighter and fluffier than I expected.
FWIW, while I don't have access and so cannot see the actual information, Baseline/StudioSystems' records for Cabin now list the presence of 4 actors, not 2. So apparently there's two more, in addition to Jenkins and Whitford, that for some reason haven't yet been reported.
So this has me wondering... When I first heard that the main character in Dollhouse was going to be a girl named "Echo," I briefly wondered if Joss was a Louis L'Amour fan. He wrote a book, "Ride the River," whose protagonist was a girl named Echo Sackett. She was named after Echo of 'and Narcissus' fame. But of course I immediately dismissed the thought as just random speculation.

But now this Mordecai thing comes out, and well, one of the heroes in that same book was named Mordecai Sackett. Both names were so unusual and beautiful that they stuck with me when I read the book years ago. I know it's probably just coincidence, it's just fun to imagine. I never really pictured Joss as a fan of the Sacketts... :)
Well, we know he's a big fan of film westerns, it's not insane to wonder if he reads the books too (and L'Amour is probably the single most well known westerns author). Stranger things have happened ...

The apparent log line (one-line summary) for the film:

OK, so we know it's , I guess what we really need to know is, ?

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