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January 23 2009

A video of the photo shoot for the Buffy movie. Remember this? Well there's now another opportunity to gasp at the outfits and music from seventeen years ago.

Man, I feel old! lol Luke does not age, still looking good.
My clearest memory of the movie's release (I was 10(!) at the time), is the marquee outside the local mall theater. Single White Female was playing at the same time, and there wasn't enough room on the marquee for both titles. The title on the marquee?

Single White Buffy.
I still can't believe Hilary Swank was in this. She does look a little bit like she was on a different dimensional plane this whole day.
I was 4 at the time, glad I was not old enough to remember.
I was young when I saw the movie, and was Buffy for Halloween! :D I have pictures of me running around a pumpkin patch with a stake, threatening to slay pumpkins they'd painted to look like creatures. I'm pretty sure everyone there was like, "WTF is she supposed to be?"
For all the film's flaws, I enjoyed it enough to make me think "hey, I should definitely check that out" when I heard that there was going to be a BtVS TV series. The rest is history...

O.K., my personal history...but still, that's a kind of history, right?
That was pretty cool to watch. I remember those days well. I'm old!

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