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January 23 2009

Nathan Fillion "Commercial". Not really, but one could always hope lol. I just had to post this, because it's sooo funny! :D

That was quite funny. Thanks for finding it!
That was perfect.
People everywhere would eat a Snickers if they saw this.
OMG, my friend from the forums made this. She'll be so happy to see it's spreading and people like it.

If you want to see some more cool things made by her and other people from the Angel forum you should check out this thread. No videos but lots and lots of funny Buffy/Angel/Firefly related "Commercials".

And you could always submit your own. We love seeing new stuff.
I can officially die happy now. This is one of my videos and I've always hoped one of them would get linked here. :)
You're welcome, AuntArlene. I just thought it was really, really funny. It had 202 views when I posted the link here.... a bit higher now, huh? Over 1100! :)

ETA: Snickers should run this as a Commercial during "Castle". Those not familiar with Firefly will be all kinds of Bumfuzzled. :D

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It was a very welcome surprise to see the hit count. :)
Oh, curse you, Charisma69, now I have to read every single post in that whole damned thread.

Liked the vid, AuntArlene, but am also hooked on the great "print" ads you and others have posted in the thread.

Every time I think of an "original" idea - it comes up a just few posts later. I'll have to check 'em all out before I attempt my own.

They're like crack for the Whedon'verse-addicted.

ETA: Because I absent-mindedly repeated Charisma69's name when I meant to put AuntArlene's. I keep letting work distract me from my play. *sigh*

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Um, you're welcome QuoterGal? :)

Glad you are enjoying them, and they are like crack. I just spent some time going back over them and thinking of all the fun we had making them ~ though I think only one of those are actually mine. I was having too much fun seeing everyone else's.

AuntArlene and UncleMark make most of my favorites but there are just too many good ones to name everyone involved.
That is frakkin' AWESOME! Thanks!
Oh, that was so wrong!

But in a good way.

"Dirty, dirty whore!"

"Not goin' anywhere for a while?" - Perfect!

This is getting emailed to all my Bronze buddies & posted over there, too.

LOL, that was great.

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