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January 23 2009

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion address those Serenity sequel rumours. If you ever wondered why Alan was telling people there was going to be a Serenity sequel a while ago, here's a 4 minute tale of how it happened. Also, hilarious.

Very funny. Thanks for posting! Nathan and Alan are brilliant together.
I love seeing them interact. They have such a great relationship.
Fight! Fight!
It occurs to me as I watch this that they really did write Captain Hammer with Nathan in mind.
Oh, the chemistry! Somebody get these two in a buddy comedy franchise, speedy-like.

And I love the crowd's reaction to the crack about the new pilot - awwwww...
This is fairly old, isn't it? I'm pretty sure I saw it back in July.

Still funny, of course.
Well I'm glad for the re-post (if that's what it is). Never saw it. Loved it. Freakin' hilaaarious. :)
Oh My.... Nathan and Alan in a Buddy Picture... that would be Gold!

How about: The Road To Persephone? I'd buy a ticket... :D
Darn! My first double-post....
does that phrase sound as awkward to you as it does to me?

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Those two have an awesome repartee and chemistry together, both on and off the screen. Their timing and personalities work so brilliantly well and hi-larious. (They can also do that drama thing pretty good too.) That's a duo that really needs to be in more movies/TV shows together.

A while back I also brought up the buddy film, "Road" movie type of theme. The thread had some fun with the idea before someone posted something to the effect of maybe they should make a movie called The Road to Impalement.

Well, for some reason, that post kinda threw a wet blanket on the idea... at least for that thread. But there really is something there with these guys. Maybe they could find someone to write a script for a buddy movie idea? They could so totally do the Hope and Crosby type of dynamic, but in their style. I'd sure see that movie!
The thread had some fun with the idea before someone posted something to the effect of maybe they should make a movie called The Road to Impalement.

Heh, as I reckon we're about to find out in 'Dollhouse', memory can be a tricky thing (I actually made that joke - or maybe "joke" is closer ;) - straight after your comment 11th Hour so no thread fun and no 'wet blanket' - unless it was preemptive ;).
I think you killed it, Saje. Just because it's fun. But thanks for linking to that. It was great to see "Secret's Out". What fun.

Definitely make these two a buddy comedy. Stat.
Saaaaaaaaaaaje!!!! *shakes fist*

You and your movie franchise idea killing "joke" replies! Argh...


Well, how fortuitous that you saw my post, replied and provided handy history linkage too. Okay, memory is a tricky thing, and it keeps getting trickier with time. Mainly the memory glitch had to do with just how much fun was had after my initial suggestion and 'wet blanket' effect. Apparently all the thread fun that was had was in my head, and it was FUN dammit...

However, you have to admit that a joke that conjures a grisley image of our dear impaled Wash could have had a dampening effect upon the hi-larity that could have ensued... and it woulda ensued I bet, if it weren't for that dastardly 'wet blanket' of a joke of yours. Evil, pure evil I say!

Well, that part about thread fun was a rollicking fun anticipation played out in my head... similar in a way my brain has played out seasons 2 through 7 of Firefly. Yep, I was already picturing Nathan and Alan "Road" films, and they were awesome.

The inside of my head can be a fun, sometimes dark, imaginative place by the way...

Edited to fix a spelling thingy...

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11thHour, can we get tickets to your head? It could be the new Comic-Con!
I am the Thread-Killah ! Now I wish I was in the thread in your head 11thHour, that sounds a blast ;).

And yep, I agree with the consensus, buddy movie required. Is there a remake of 'Freebie and the Bean' in the offing ? Cos they'd kill in that (err, the nice, thread encouraging 'kill' that is ;).

(i'dve suggested 'The In Laws' but that was remade recently. Or 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' but that'd be, y'know, sacrilege. If anyone did remake it though ...)
How about a cop movie? Like Lethal Weapon, but not Lethal Weapon. More of a Turner & Hooch take? Something buddy-cop like?
Someone has to suggest 'Turner and Hooch' to them at a con, I can imagine the response already (Alan: "Am I Hooch ? I don't wanna be Hooch" ;).

('Freebie and the Bean' is a cop movie BTW korkster. Kids today, I dunno ... ;)
This was one of the videos posted here back in October last year. There was actually quiet a few videos from that event.
heh... the threads, Comic-Con and movies in my head are big fun! It'd be great to give out tickets or upload the videos for y'all. Well, that's probably why folks have to actually create stuff so others can share them. I 'spose we all bring the ideas to the physical plain as time and energy allows... :-)

As to a theme for a Nathan/Alan buddy film well, for me, I would avoid a cop scenario. The beauty of the Road movies is that the buddy characters were usually some kind of con men, and that's waaaaay more fun! The extra bit of fun is that they were also busy conning each other when they could... heh... Nathan and Alan already do that as a kind of schtick when they're just freewheeling at a Con. A natural fit.

Probably the closest example we have of them in this dynamic is the episode War Stories. The added cool element is that Zoe kind of occupied the Dorothy Lamour role... Gorgeous, exotic, with long, wavy hair, and she was the female being "battled" over between them. In that ep, Mal had the Crosby role, where he's usually a step ahead of Hope... like Mal having Wash carry the big, heavy box of goods as part of "learning" about what it means to go on a job. (Wash did try to put one over on Mal by manipulating the shuttle controls so Mal had to take him instead of Zoe... but that plan had unforeseen consequences.)

Probably a buddy movie should not have as much torture as War Stories did, but that ep provides a general example of how those two (plus a fought over hottie), can play out in a very entertaining misadventure!
This would be a lot of fun with Nathan & Alan Repo Brothers.
I've seen this one before.. it's pretty old. But it's still a funny video
That was so funny, brill video.

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