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January 23 2009

Dollhouse to be shown at 'beer and popcorn' industry screening in Vegas. NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) attendees will get a chance to see it on Monday.

But what kind of beer???
Lucky NATPE (!=NAPTE) guys.

Shouldn't there be a new Jossverse-epiosde out today?
I guess that's the question you had to ask, BrewBunny.
But what kind of beer???

Dunno. Not a good sign if you have to be drunk to watch Dollhouse. Though snarkiness aside, it's an encouraging sign and hopefully Fox will show the right episode this time and it will get picked up in lots of countries.
That's sad. The attendees will probably just talk to each other about something else over it. While those of us who would stand in freezing rain to see it, forget about beer or popcorn, just don't get to. Eventually, we will. But they might be seeing some synopsis of the whole season, now.
And when is this special screening in my living room happening? Ah, I forgot. February 13. Good old waiting until you're old and wrinkly. How much I missed you.
"NATPE is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation, development and distribution of televised programming in all forms, across all platforms."

Does that sound weirdly generic to anyone else? "The National Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the making of stuff." You'd think at least they'd have stuck in "quality" or "excellence" somewhere.
We've all got our priorities. But seriously, I'm sure they're billing it that way to contrast it from the more snooty "wine & cheese" concept. Which is sad because craft beer is actually a much better companion for cheese than wine, which offers a much narrower flavor profile than beer.
Actually, they appear to be getting to see something called "Doll House", not our beloved Dollhouse.

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I wonder if that up and coming actress Cordelia Chase will be playing Nora?
oooooooooo, good one, snot being. Come to think of it, why not have Charisma Carpenter as a former "Active" who may not be as "former" as she thinks.
*snort* BrewBunny I'm a Brit, but I currently live in France (Paris) and I'm not 100% sure but I think what you just said may be a capital offence here!
Seems like it's showing right now:

So far Dollhouse looks like 24 meets Melrose Place


The thing I said about DOLLHOUSE being like Melrose Place was temporary. I take it back.

But not the 24-part? :)

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