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January 23 2009

Buffy season 8 - Wolves at the Gate featured in NPR's "Books We Like". "[It] is particularly good, with a fast-moving plot and plenty of whimsical repartee".

I think I just had a tingle moment ;)

very nice read. Thank you.
"homoerotic trash talk"?
I would call it catty exchanges with homoerotic subtext. But yes. Everything Dracula says about or to Xander reads like it's from a jealous ex-boyfriend.
Or from a jealous friend? Nah.
Dracula isn't gay! He's just old timey (not the prospector, the European type), and is speaking to a familiar servant that he's friendly with. Like Frodo and Sam, with hypnosis and manservant bloomers. I loved Dracula's racism, it was an excellent, since you'd think at least a few vamps from back in the day would have kept the racial prejudices of their time and location.

Wolves at the Gate was indeed excellent, though very sad. I should see these things coming by now, but still get blindsided.
SteppeMerc, why was it sad?
Umm spoiler alert:

Like Frodo and Sam, with hypnosis and manservant bloomers.

Yeah that's why it's called SUBtext. It is not the text itself. Their whole exchange has at least two layers-- what they're really saying (the text) and the way what they're saying resembles romantic bickering (the subtext).
I got the jealousy-maybe-Drac's-possesive-vibe-subtext-thingy, I just though I had missed something blunt.

Btw, Joss and his characters have seriously screwed up my English. But in a funny way. :)

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