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January 23 2009

Jane Espenson will be showrunner and co-exec producer on Caprica. According to the Chicago Tribune, she will be moving over as co-exec producer and will eventually become the showrunner. Which probably means this is her last Dollhouse episode for a while.

Has Jane ever been a showrunner before? I know she was Story Editor on Buffy.

As far as I know, this is new news, yes. Awesome. She wrote this season's The Hub, one of the best things BSG has ever done, period.
I don't think Jane has ever been a showrunner. This is awesome, and I can't wait for Caprica!
WOW! Big congrats to her. I am really excited for Caprica.
Congratulations to Jane! But I was hoping to selfishly consolidate her talent in the Dollhouse. But kudos! She's brilliant.
Very, very cool. I know I'm probably behind the times, but what about Warehouse 13? Is that over now?
I think the last we heard about that, Jane wrote the pilot but wouldn't be joining the series.
This is terrific news, and makes me much more excited about Caprica. Obviously I'm a fan of Ron Moore, but while I think he's an incredible idea man and a talented writer, I think Jane Espenson is a better line-to-line writer, down in the nitty gritty details. And she's enough of a geek to keep the details straight. It's perfect! The only downside is fewer Dollhouse episodes....
Yeah, it's a pity she won't be on Dollhouse's team now (assuming... no, I'm not gonna say it). But showrunner, wow! And this makes me much more excited for Caprica.
Well good for her. Thoroughly well deserved.
Hurray for us since we will be benefiting from Jane Espenson's mighty talents. Now I am even more excited for Caprica. Bring it!
A hearty congratulations to Ms. Espenson. This is exciting.
Check out the wikipedia page for the show.. then scroll down to the actors/characters: A character named Willow? and one namned Xander!?! HEHE.. ok it's only last names but still, it's gonna be great.

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Awesome, I can't wait for the series to start.
Yay Jane! Look forward to watching the show.
Oh, Jane will be one to watch, she'll be an excellent show runner. That lady has talent and a heap more packing!

Good luck, Jane, looking forward to your storytelling :)
Go Jane! That's awesome!
Wow. Selfishly, I'd rather her on Dollhouse but this is wonderful for her career.
It's about time Jane ran a show - and if it's not going to be a show of her own, it might as well be Caprica. She's fit into BSG far better than I expected her to - as bix said, "The Hub" is one of the best episodes the show has ever done.

And if Ron Moore wants to step back, I can't think of a better choice to take over. 2010 cannot come quick enough!
Hopefully she and Steven DeKnight will be able to drop into the Dollhouse once in a while to write a script. Because I'd argue that those two are the best two non-Joss writers on the show, probably along with Tim Minear
I wasn't that excited about the premise of Caprica at first, but with Jane running the show, that's all going to change.

Downside is: I'd rather have had her working with Joss some more again. Because while I've loved her work on BSG, I think it's a shame to have her write just darkness, when she can be so very, very funny as well and combine the two effortlessly.
It doesn't sound like Dollhouse will be a keg of laughs, though
This gives me hope for Caprica, too bad this means a loss for Dollhouse.
Yep, I too wasn't really onboard with 'Caprica' (not a big fan of family dramas, not a big fan of legal dramas so combine the two and, well, i'm not a big fan ;) though I was gonna give it a chance just cos Ron Moore has earned that benefit of the doubt about 20 times over.

Now that Jane E's onboard I will most assuredly be tuning in and with a less jaundiced eye to boot.
I thoroughly disliked BSG and stopped watching after six episodes, but maybe I will give 'Caprica' a try. Jane is simply one of the best.
Well, I must echo the sentiments here. Good for Jane (and good for Caprica), but boo-hoo for Dollhouse. I was really hoping to have Jane's talents on an extended basis in Dollhouse. But with the excellent BSG webisodes (in addition to The Hub), and her wonderful commentaries, the BSG prequel will clearly be well served by her talents. So, congrats on the promotion, JE!
Sounds like the future (past?) of the Battlestar universe is in safe hands.
I'm still working through season two of BSG but I'm made up for Jane and can't wait to see what she's going to do.
I am so excited I can't even -

Well done, Ms Espenson!
I thoroughly disliked BSG and stopped watching after six episodes, but maybe I will give 'Caprica' a try.

Same here. I gave it a fair shot, but it did nothing to impress me. It's very slowly-paced, and the same thing happens every episode. But congrats to Jane! I hear Caprica doesn't require BSG knowledge, so I will check it out when it premieres.
Great news for Jane, there needs to be more female show runners.

Is Caprica's setting based after BSG's, or is it supposed to be more of a prequel?
I'm speechless with joy (well, almost). I'm more excited about Caprica, the more I learn about it. And since BSG is made of so much awesomeness that I sometimes fear my TV will explode .... well, I'm a happy camper.
Is Caprica's setting based after BSG's, or is it supposed to be more of a prequel?
deepgirl187 | January 24, 15:49 CET

A prequel, set fifty years before the beginning of BSG. Check out the link, it's a short, succinct outline. Nothing spoilery, and I'm a spoiler-phobe.
Congratulations, Ms. Jane Espenson! This guarantees that Caprica will bring the awesome!
Jane's Dollhouse eppy is in the can, and they're a week or so away from wrapping on the final episode, so it's a great move for her.

BSG was a bit too... not dark, but depressing, for me. So Jane is the ideal person to lighten things up a smidge.
Congratulations, Jane! Executive producer and show runner. This is a lovely recognition of her talent. The fact that we'll get more Jane penned episodes means great news for us viewers.

There is a light now at the end of the dark tunnel that was life after BSG ends. All the of the following should add up to a wonderfully interesting show -- (i) the premise; (ii) many of the great talent from BSG (writers, composer, special effects) are returning; and (iii) the cast so far. I'm looking forward to watching this show when it premiers.
This is great news. I was going to check out Caprica anyway but this strengthens my resolve.
I watched all of BSG in the last couple of months so my timing may be off but it seems to me that Jane went from a "One Episode Guest Writer" to a permanent participator in fairly short order. Is this correct?
BSG was a bit too... not dark, but depressing, for me. So Jane is the ideal person to lighten things up a smidge.

Did you watch her BSG episodes? She wrote the show on its terms, not forced the show to somehow fit hers.
Yeah, they weren't exactly what you'd call laugh riots.
My former lack of interest in Caprica (BSG with no Cylons? No thanks!) has now changed to interest. Good for you, Jane E!
(BSG with no Cylons? No thanks!)

More accurately (although still inaccurate), BSG with the creation of the Cylons.
Well, the fake-out at the end of "The hub" (you probably know the one, with the Three) was probably the funniest moment in BSG's history. Very Buffy-esque, without ruining the show's tone.
Major Congrats Jane!

Bear McCreary composing+Jane being showrunner has me excited for Caprica again. :)

And yes, "The Hub" is one of the best episodes in the series. I loved how Jane managed to insert her humour in BSG and pull it off so well. And that ending to the episode. Perfection.
I didn't know Bear McCreay was composing for Caprica. That's great, if Caprica doesn't turn out awesome at least I can still listen to it instead of watch it. Bear McCreay is one of the best TV composers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Congratulations, Jane. This makes me very excited to watch Caprica.
Yeah, I was a little unsure about Caprica, but this is made of awesome.
Ahh! So great! A major congrats to Ms. Espenson. :)
Sounds like Falcon Crest in space.

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