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January 23 2009

"Once More With Feeling" one of Amazon's Friday Five Deals. is featuring "the original cast recording from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical" as one of its weekly mp3 albums for $5.00 specials. Unfortunately, it's most likely only available to US customers.

For some reason, an additional $3 was taken off of the price after I started the download. I have no idea why this happened, but I'm not complaining. The order summary is below:

Item(s) Subtotal: $5.00
Promotions: $-3.00
Total Before Tax: $2.00
Sales tax: $0.00
Total for this Order: $2.00
That's really good. Is that same for other people?
hm, guess the rational here is easy to understand.

DHSAB is in the top 10 dvd sales for quite a long time. Ok, it is only available via amazon, still I assume that means a lot of dollars for amazon. So no surprise that they try to use the buzz to promote this one.

Well, I assume this baby will pay joss some day's of independent work ;)
Some time back, Amazon offered all previous customers a $3 credit off any download. If you haven't used it before, that's probably what popped up. Still...nice surprise!
It gave me the $3 off too. Nice.
That must have been it, cronopiogal. Thanks for the explanation.
"Original cast recording"? Does it mean that's different from the aired ep?

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