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"Too much hair!"
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January 24 2009

The cast of Dollhouse explains how to pronounce their names. You probably already heard it on Gossi's radio show, but now they've uploaded the video for it and we can actually see those pretty faces.

Ooo...Probably the first time I've seen Enver speaking on camera.
Yeah, I think they were hiding Enver somewhere before this interview occured. But it seems, as if he is free again, so we can look forwards to seeing him speak more often.
Is it me or does Enver's voice sound a lot like Joss?
I didn't hear that, Caroline,but then I have tiny speakers on a tiny laptop.
And on a related note, for all my friends and family not reading along at home, it's JOSS whedon, not Josh.
Couldn't quite make out the distinction between the common pronunciation of Tahmoh and the proper Native American pronunciation...

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