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January 24 2009

Happy birthday, Stephanie Romanov! Our favourite evil lawyer turns 40 today.

Happy birthday, Stephanie!

ETA and to theclynn!

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Happy birthday, beautiful lady!
I share a birthday with Stephanie Romanov? Awesome.
Can we edit this to show her correct age of 29? :)
It's kind of rude to say how old a woman is, if you want my opinion :)
Anyway, the only really beautiful actress in the Buffyverse for me (some are cute or pretty, but Stephanie only is beautiful).
Happy Birthday, Stephanie -- you lit up Wolfram & Hart and we wish you all the best.
Happy birthday, Stephanie and theclynn!
Happy birthday, Stephanie! You are the most beautiful woman in the Whedonverse! I heard that Stephanie breeds and shows horses. Does anybody know what breed or breeds of horses she owns?
Happy Birthday you saucy mix!

I felt like a blind man not realizing how gorgeous she was until the episode with her in sweat pants.
Happy Birthday Stephanie!
Ok, first beautiful, but Amber is very close.

sweat pants!

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