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January 25 2009

Premiere of Serenity tomorrow at 8.30pm on Australia's Channel 10. Don't miss it!

Australia's Channel 10 to screen "Serenity" tomorrow at 8:30pm, after "Rules of Engagement".

it's a pity tomorrow's Australia Day and everyone's going to be too busy to watch it :/
Australia Day? Really? That figures. Well, hopefully they will at least have fewer commercials than the Sci/Fi Channel did here in the States. They clipped out some good stuff.
It'll have more commercials, as 10 is a commercial network - and it'll probably have little bits trimmed out of it, many movies get the censor hammer down here for their free-to-air presentations.
This is going to be great! This could be the key to a 'shiny new Australian' audience. I don't think people will be too busy to watch, probably the opposite. It's a public holiday, and the last day before school starts. People will be at home getting ready to go back to work, so there will be lots of viewers at home wanting to relax and watch something on T.V. All I say is, watch the sales of Firefly Dvds steadily rise over the next few weeks as people will be wanting to check it out after Serenity's debut on a major Australian television network.

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The first time I saw the shorts for this the day before yesterday, I think my squeal frightened the cat! They went for the "action SF" angle rather the "from the creator of Buffy" angle but still, seeing those BDH's on TV was cool!
It's at 8:30. Shouldn't be altered. I've seen full on nudity on free to air TV here at 8:30, So I don't think there will be any issues with Serenity
I'm flying from Adelaide to Melbourne tomorrow to watch some of the Australian Open, and this seems like it'll be a good thing to watch in my hotel room when I arrive.

You dont see much Joss stuff on the networks these days. Of course the Australian sci fi channel practically lives of Whedon-shows and the X-Files and fills up the rest of it's time with Star Trek. It's pretty awesome that each Saturday there is a Firefly episode, a Buffy episode and an Angel episode all in a row in primetime.

But yeah, good movie. Cool.
Heh catalyst, the question running through my head when I saw the promos on Ten was "Why is there no mention of Joss?" but I was pretty excited as well.

Awesome, Nalliac. It's been a pretty good tournament so far apart from the um, drunken fights. I'm thinking of going for a few nights next week, getting a ground pass, just soaking it all up. Saw the Djokovic VS Federer semi last year at Rod Laver, and it was definitely something to remember.

Which reminds me - I'm glad that it's on opposite the 4th round 2nd day of the Aussie Open (airing on 7), and not the QF, SF or the final.
The 'Sunday Telegraph' TV Guide said-
A movie made for HD television with 'oh-my-gosh' special effects. But even if you are watching on rabbit ears, there is enough eye candy in the cast of this space fantasy to keep you on the couch at least until the closing credits.'

I hope that people don't think from the first sentence that 'Serenity' was only a 'Made for TV' movie, and not a 'Theatrically released but suitable for HDTV' movie.

No wonder we all just go with BDM!
It's been a pretty good tournament so far apart from the um, drunken fights.

You have fights at tennis tournaments? What happens at the football games?
Watching Serenity now with my mother. Nice way to relax after another busy day working at the Australian Open. Although she needs to watch the movie and not constantly ask questions. lol

I have seen a lot of ads for it over the last few days and considering it's up against tennis and cricket I'm thinking there'll be quite a decent audience to see it. Although I'm not sure people will link it to Firefly as there's been no mention of the series at all which is a shame.

You have fights at tennis tournaments? What happens at the football games?

We also have streakers at the tennis this year. AFL football games don't have the racially motivated fights that occur at the tennis. A-League Soccer games just have people letting off flares.
Watching it now... I'm not sure if anything's been cut, but Ten sure do have weird ideas of when to put in the ad breaks.
Oh God, here it comes...

"I'm a leaf on the wind..." *dies*

And now I'm sad.

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Oh poor Wash. Why does it still hurt SOOOO bad?

The picture quality looks great, but I'm not actually sure why I'm watching, since I've got 3 copies on DVD and it's not even ratings period!
"Guy killed me, Mal. He killed me with a sword."

It surprises me how excited I feel even when I can recite every line before it's said.
I know what you mean non sequitur. I can't help but love the movie even more each time I watch it.
Now I'm looking forward to 'Life On Mars' as much as the next person, but is really necessary for the promo to take up most of the credits screen?
I agree. I wanted to listen to the music. :(

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