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January 25 2009

Latest Evil League of Evil member reveals his secret origin. Great feature on the actor who plays the circumcising supervillain Tur-Mohel.

Jeremy Dubin sounds like a real mensch. Great interview. The Tur-Mohel ELE application was superb.
The idea came from some conversations I had had with friends who were debating whether or not they were going to have their children circumcised. It is apparently becoming more popular to forego this procedure, even though I don't think this movement has taken root in the Jewish community. I just envisioned a bunch of ticked-off idle mohels up in arms.

I loved almost all of the ELE applications, but I think his was probably my favorite.
Shakespeare theatre folk got brains. Thoughtful interview.

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He really outdid himself on that video. He makes us Ohioans proud.

Not only was his content better than most, but he was able to submit a windscreen HD recording which helped give it a less amateur feel. My 9 year old video camera faded out all the colors and made it look like something on public access TV. Add video compresion to that on Youtube and it really looked bad.
I’ll occasionally google ‘Tur-Mohel’ to check out the buzz. I believe this is referred to as ‘ego-surfing.’
Or, really, alter ego-surfing.
What a thoughtful young actor! I hope he gets at least a cameo in the sequel. ;)

But I did cringe at all the errors about Dr. Horrible: "...created last summer during the film/TV industry writer's strike..."? "...started for Internet distribution only in August, 2008..."? "...crashing servers for the third installment..."? *sighs* Don't journalists do any research anymore?
Dubin is incredible! He's very smart, articulate, and talented. Tur-mohel was definitely the most memorable and polished of the ELE submissions, and I was glad to see it make the DVD.

I really wish him all the best!
Even with the limited amount of entries I saw before decisions were made, you would have to be obstinately non-sighted in every way not to have seen the quality of Tur-Mohel; the play on words, the quality of performance, music. It was a total package. My prediction was more than pleasantly confirmed when I watched the ELOE winner's reel on the DVD.

ETA: That he was a theatre guy? I had no doubt even before I read this topic. My brother!

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I was really impressed with Tur Mohel's application and even more so now that I know it came from someone who has such a deep appreciation of the language of the Whedonverse. (I know I have absolutely no right to be so petty, but I REALLY didn't want to see random famewhores trying to hijack the ELE applications just to get noticed.)

Though, IMHO the majority of 'The Dark Knight' buzz came from people wanting to see Heath Ledger's penultimate performance, rather than having an interest in the Batman mythology per se.
See, this is what broke my heart :(

I was so in a hurry to get my app out (Fire Poker, I got a dishonorable :) ) that I didn't even consider that *real* actors and what not would try for it.

Still, his was amazing and one of the ones I was pulling for so..
Fire Poker was one of my personal top faves, if that helps at all.

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