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January 25 2009

The music in Dollhouse. Dollverse has a list of music that will be used in the first three episodes of the show.

I love that Sia song. Go the Aussie!
But what about the theme tune - has ANYONE heard it?
I strongly dislike Lady Gaga with a passion.
Love Sia and Gaga! The other song is good to although I'm unfamiliar with Light FM's music.
I prefer the original I Go To Sleep? It's a better song, IMHO.
I wasn't sure where to ask this, but does anyone here live in NYC and if so, have they seen those bus station ads for something called "Dollhouse"? Is it the Whedon Dollhouse, or something completely different?

It kind of reminded me of the fake ads for Lacuna when Eternal Sunshine came out. Fake ads, but out in the real world.
John, it might have been this?
I've been seeing them for months, so I thought maybe it was a viral thing.

Guess not. I thought maybe it was to get across the idea that these Actives are everywhere, even in our world.
Oh dear.

Well, I made it through the first few seasons of Buffy (ie The Bronze music).
I saw a Dollhouse commercial during Family Guy :)
Sorry to be dense, but whom will be the music writer of "Dollhouse"?
Rob Simonsen will be doing the score. I don't know who it is that picks the pop songs and stuff, though. Joss? Episode directors? Writers? Or would someone be specifically designated that position?
I remember reading an interview with the music director of Buffy, though I shamefully don't remember his name. He said Joss had a lot of input on the music choices, but of course he couldn't do all of it. That's the title, Jobo - "music director."
@ Jobo:

According to Imdb, Andrea von Foerster is the music supervisor of Dollhouse. This means Andrea looks for music and suggests songs for different scenes to Joss and Joss has to approve. Andrea von Foerster was also the music supervisor for the short-lived ABC comedy "Miss/Guided", Nick Brendon's short-lived comedy "Kitchen Confidential", "The O.C.", "Grey's Anatomy", "Supernatural", "Rescue Me" and even "Roswell" and "Popular".

I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to think about the music listed. It seems like the show is going into a different direction music-wise than "Buffy" and "Angel" did, which is disappointing as I really loved the music on both shows. I just hope the music works as well for the scenes as it did on "Buffy" and please more unknown Indie bands.

A thing that I dislike about a lot of TV shows these days is that a lot of them are literally drowning in music, which cheapens the effect of the music for the scenes. I hope the show will also have calm moments, just like "Buffy" did.
Interesting selection. I always thought that the Sia track was a great cover (imo) funny enough it's on my 'to do' list for a BtVS vid....
It seems like the show is going into a different direction music-wise than "Buffy" and "Angel" did, which is disappointing as I really loved the music on both shows.

I see what you're saying here, but at the same time, the music on Buffy and Angel reflected the world each show occupied. I'm not sure indie music is necessarily the way to go for Dollhouse (or at least not the same kind of indie music that was played on Buffy and Angel). Though that's not to say all of the choices seen on the link provided are good ones ("Just Dance" really starts to get annoying after awhile).
Some of the "Just Dance" lyrics fit the premise:

"Half-psychotic, sick, hypnotic
Got my blueprint, it's symphonic
Half-psychotic, sick, hypnotic
Got my blueprint electronic"

"I can't remember but it's alright"

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"Just Dance" also plays during a part where Echo is, well, dancing. It works.

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As long the music fits in and isn't there just to flog a new album (Smallville I'm looking at you) then we should be ok.
Well, episode 4 is about Echo's going to a party and talking to her racist friend, so They Might Be Giants are scoring in that in a Very Special Dollhouse. That's a lie btw.
I can't really tell what music I'll think works in a tv series until I see it. Songs I otherwise loathe can be quite good in the background, depending on what's going on.
Rob Simonsen and Mychael Danna will be the composers for Dollhouse. I just received an e-mail from Rob letting me know that two people will be working on the music. I don't know if this means one of them will work on an individual episode or if they'll work on every episode together. It should be interesting though.

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