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January 25 2009

New Dr. Horrible shirt added to store. Dr. Horrible takes on cartoon form in the newest shirt.

Nice shirt, but a little pricey, especially when one considers shipping and handling and tax....

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It looks rather like Hammer dressed as Horrible...
I don't think he looks like Hammer, but he sure looks badder than Bad Horse.
Oh goodness, they cloned Hammer with Horrible! Feel like writing my congressman or something. Think I chose "something".
He looks angry. Maybe there will be a Captain Hammer shirt looking the opposite way so two people could buy the shirts and have the shirts look angry at each other.

Oh, and then a Penny shirt...
That is one damn cool drawing of Quentin Tarantino. Wait, what? Oh, nevermind. Still cool.
Exactly my thoughts, GreatMuppetyOdin.

I agree that $30 is quite pricey, especially when one factors in shipping. Sigh.
Even the PRICE is evil!
That is one damn cool drawing of Quentin Tarantino.

I thought Andy Hallet as Lorne, but those two could easily play brothers.
It's a shame he doesn't look more like the gentle, reassuring visage of NPH.
lol, missb. I agree. Too spendy for me, a poor college student.
Hmmm. NPH is blond. And his features are regular, not all jutty. I'll definitely pass on this one, I can do better -- and cheaper -- with an iron-on kit at home.
It just doesn't work as a Dr. Horrible product.
It's too bad. I understand that the Dr. Horrible crew want to bring in more income by Tshirt sales but maybe they should have taken a closer look at the fan creations before they were taken down from CafePress.
Nothing they've made yet has really appealed to me except the shirt with the Hammer logo on it. And still I wasn't crazy in love with that one.
I'm generally opposed to wearing someone's face on my shirt. It's just kind of weird..except I do have the Serenity buddha shirt, but I don't think buddha counts.
For those who hadn't heard or seen anything yet, Jinx is no longer selling the Dr. Horrible shirts. They still have them on their site, but all are out of stock. Plus I got an email from them stating as much.

So it looks like this new store is the only place to get official shirts.
I still want one that says "I hold a Ph.D. in horribleness." I so want to wear that to my classes. Only the students who know what it refers to get "A's."

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2009-01-26 18:40 ]
Could this be artwork from a new Dr Horrible comic?
Ah, Nebula1400, I LOVE the way you think! I want one of those too!
Could this be artwork from a new Dr Horrible comic?

Could be actually. I think there's supposed to be more in the pipeline.
I wonder if we are now dealing with a more-on-demand vendor. Jinx stocked shirts. It was cool. You could see the stock numbers go down. This one doesn't have that feature. So maybe it is like cafe press, where they don't print the shirts until you pay for them. Higher cost since not mass produced.

Could be Jinx didn't want to restock because they were no longer sure that they would sell all the shirts they had printed up.

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