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January 26 2009

Adam Baldwin in 3D. Thanks to next week's episode of Chuck.

It will also be played on in 3D.

Hmmm. I assumed from the post title that Adam would be in the vid. Guess not. I am, however, looking forward to this episode, even if it does mean I have to wear 3D headache-inducing glasses.
It says it's expired. Dunno if that's cause I'm outside the US. Dunno why it says I should visit if it's an NBC show.

So Adam isn't actually in the video then?

Clearly I have nothing do at work and so I've changed the URL to a YouTube video where Adam appears so everything is now fine and dandy.

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I get the same message, and I'm outside the US too. If you click the vid to go to it says you can't view because you are outside of the US.

There's a clip here and here

and the special orange and red glasses can be bought on ebay from sellers like this
In various pack sizes. Maybe grab a set, proxy on in to, and have a 3D Baldwin fest with a group of people?
Adam was in the vid I saw
think I still have a pair of 3d glasses the tv guide sent out the last time someshow did 3d
Just check it's the right type. I believe these need to be orange/red not blue/red or polarised
Now where do the Europeans get 3D glasses - I mean should they need them *g*
I saw the video without problem and am not in the U.S. Adam was in it sorta - you saw his shadow speaking more than anything.
I am not excited at all about this. These colored lens 3d glasses mess up all the colors and give me a headache. This is the old '50s technology developed for black and white movies. It is not like the new polarized lens 3d technology they use in theaters at all. I can't even seem to find these glasses though, and I live in the US.

This is a promotional stunt like we saw in the 80s and 90s and nothing more. If anything it will make my Chuck viewing experience a very bad one, and give me a headache at the same time.

It is possible to broadcast 3D but no standard has been agreed upon. I think a special decoder is needed as well for the nice 3d. They have a dedicated 3D channel in Japan as of last year that uses such a decoder. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is currently working on a 3Dtv standard in the US.
Hopefully Europe is working on something as well.
Forget the 3D effect. I'll watch it anyways. And, Dominic Monaghan? WIN!! :D
Of Course this is a promotional stunt. I think it is a creative way to get people to watch the show. Furthermore, it can be a fun experience for the whole family. Yeah for NBC for doing something different.
I am not upset because they are doing it. I am glad they are promoting Chuck.

I am just upset they are doing it very poorly and that my viewing experience will only be hindered by this and not enhanced.

This could actually hurt a new 3d market in the US since people will see this promotional crap and think that is the best we can do on TV. When the good 3d Tech comes out in a year or so they will all remember the Super Bowl adds and Chuck of 2009 in headache inducing 3d.

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Oh. I thought the red/orange thing was some new technology coz I have never seen it before. We went from blue/red to polarised here at the movies.

Shame really. I have a collection of polarised 3D glasses, but even this method gives me headaches to watch, but Chuck is only an hour long, so hopefully it wont be as bad as a movie.
This is the old '50s technology developed for black and white movies. It is not like the new polarized lens 3d technology they use in theaters at all

I made a similar comment to a movie-history-buff friend of mine the other day and he told me that in fact even the very earliest 3d movies used polarized lenses. The old red/blue cardboard glasses you sometimes see labeled as being from 1950s movies are actually usually from magazine special features.

The problem with the old 3d technology in the 50s and 60s was twofold. 1: there had to be two separate projectors running simultaneously, and they would constantly get out of synch. 2: The polarizing was purely vertical, so if you tilted your head at all you'd start losing the 3d effect (and adding to the headache you were getting from the out-of-synch info coming to your left and right eyes).

The new cinematic 3d systems shoot alternate left/right frames at a high frame-rate and have glasses with circular polarization, so that you can look through at any angle. Supposedly there's no headache-effect. I haven't seen it in action, though.
Forget Europeans -- where do Americans get these glasses? Ok, let the Europeans know too.
The Canadians would like them as well.
My local grocery store (national chain) had the glasses in (I think it was) a nabisco display. meh, maybe i should of picked up something for the headache too.

EDIT: google first, then post... looks like Sobe and/or Pepsi are sponsering the free glasses.

and looks like glasses can be purchased here if you can't find the free ones.

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To be clear though Snot Monster, the anaglyph (Red/Blue or Red/green) lenses were used from the 60s through the 90s in both movies, television promotions, and magazines. Although they have had several other technologies used during that time including polarized as well.

Also, While chuck might be the first "full" Tv episode to use 3d, there have been other 3d movies and parts of television shows shown on TV over the last 30 or so years. They probably limited them in the past so people would not get headaches. The first one I saw was The Creature From The Black Lagoon on TV. I think it was the late 70s but it could have been the early 80s. I was very young.

I actually did some more research on this particular 3d being used for Chuck however. They are using the new Colorcode yellow/blue anaglyph lenses instead of the old red/blue anaglyph lenses.
I can't imagine changing the color spectrum will help improve the image all that much though. Plus, if they are cardboard as shown, they will not fit well either which can cause a distortion of the lens and give you a headache.

There has been a lot of high level corporate debate on this, since they are also worried it might hurt consumer confidence in new 3D technologies coming out very soon.
Here is NBC's list of where to get the glasses and a phone number 1-800-646-2904 to call as well if you still can't find them. I would imagine that this only works for US citizens though.

BTW, they are going to air the episode on the web in 3d the next day, so if you can view videos you will be able to see it.

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Hmmm. I was going to go to Meijer's for groceries tomorrow but since they don't get theirs until 1/31, guess I'll try Kroger instead.

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