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January 26 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest interview with Mark Lutz. Funny interview with the Groosalugg himself, Mark Lutz. Spoilers for the last issue of After The Fall.

Without hearing his actual voice it is hard to tell when he is joking. I am sure he enjoys his career and having work, and I know that not all people have to love every minute of their job but without voice it's hard to hear his sentiment.
Anyways I'm sure he was having fun during this interview.
hmmm maybe it sounds like I am complaining. This was a great interview I was just saying words without sound rarely reflect sentiment. I'm a rather aural person.
Mark has a VERY dry/droll sense of humor and even when talking to him, it's sometimes hard to tell when he's joking and when he's serious. :-)
Hope Brian emailed him back the news that Cute about him and Andy Hallett, I never knew that. I love Andy :D

Okay, clearly from the title Bitch Slap is not my kind of movie. But I found it interesting (with shameful geekiness) that a lot of people from the Xena/Hercules-verse appear. Not only the two leads but also Iolaus (who seems to have a real big part, something tells me he dragged in his peeps) Gabrielle and Virgil (Joxer’s son) are in the cast from the quick scan I gave it. Also, the actor that played James in Angel’s Heartthrob…

Now I depart after proving once and for all that I am the Queen of Procrastination ;)

[ edited by Mirage on 2009-01-26 23:17 ]
Mirage, could you hide your spoiler, please. I already got spoiled for this by the main article.
Okay, I edited my post. I really didn’t think much about it seeing as there're spoiler warnings in the link and within the article itself. Sorry.

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