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August 22 2002

BBC interview with novelisations author Christopher Golden.

I don't know about you, but I find the Buffy and Angel novelisations unspeakably dull and forgettable. I've tried a number of them, Angel: "Avatar", Buffy: "How I survived my summer vacation", "Unseen - The Burning", "Out of the Madhouse", "Ghost Roads", "Coyote Moon", "The Lost Slayer".

Of these I liked "The Lost Slayer" best, for its storyline (Buffy's stuck in an AU, where Giles is Vampire King) - one that I would love to see on screen. But none of these novelisations seem to hit the right voices (at least, the voices the characters have in my head), and they are stripped of any subtext. Basically, they're not very sexy. And I don't mean that in an NC17 way.

Have you read any good novelisations?

I prefer the Dark Horse comic books but in terms of novelisations I really enjoyed Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All In A Row and Tales of the Slayer. Probably because they werent typical Buffy books and both of them were very well written.

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