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January 26 2009

More details about the Dollhouse event at New York Comic Con. In addition to the screening of the premiere's first act and the subsequent discussion, Joss will also be signing autographs on the day.

And if anyone is interested, there's currently a huge ad for Dollhouse and the NYCC panel over at Comic Book Resources.

I like the comments - people asking if they can sleep in the room the night before to be sure to see Joss. Nice enthusiasm. Wish I was going.
I am going and I am trying to find my sleeping bag right now!
o.m.g. happiness is mine!
I am going!! And I think I'd probably sleep in the room the night before if it was necessary. Is it??
BuffyGroupie, keep us in the loop on details? Take pictures? Re-tell you account here on Whedonesque? Please??

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