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January 26 2009

(SPOILER) New promotional photos for Dollhouse 1x01. Spoiler TV has 13 new promotional images from "Ghost".

Wow, we finally get to see Amy. Got to say - she still manages to be completely hot.
I am totally in love with the one where Caroline and Adelle sit at the table. Such a great shot.

No Enver, though. :(

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These photos definitely get me (even more) excited for the 13th! Oh, and Amy definitely looks awesome.

I have to say how cool it is that this show will premier on February 13th (my birthday), ALMOST featured a character named Paul Smith (my real name), is titled 'Ghost' and brings back two of my favorite Jossverse actresses.
Those are so. Very. Pretty.
Echo is sitting Faith-ish (hmmm....dude-ish?) in the one with Adelle. For some reason, that makes me laugh.
Oooooh. These are so awesome.
Loving the shots of Olivia and Amy particularly. They're going to rock my world (again), I can tell.
Yeah it's neat to see differences in Eliza's body language when she's playing different people show up in still photos from the first episode. It doesn't look overdone to emphasize difference, she just is different. I love the expression on Sierra's face there. Dr. Saunders doesn't express much at all, while Boyd looks some mix of concerned and unconvinced about something.

For some reason it's really creepy to see Topher assembling an Active's physical appearance. From gossi's radio clip we know but seeing him place the glasses on her face is just really disturbing.
I have to agree, it's nice to "finally" see a photo of Amy! Although I think my favorite picture of Dichen :)
Comics Continuum has bigger versions of the pics. Not sure if they are of higher quality.
You sure? They seem to be smaller than the ones hosted at Spoiler TV. :)
IcedFlame, I agree. The Dichen pic was my fave.
You sure?

My mistake. My glasses need fixed methinks.
lovin the new pics. Finally get a picture of Amy, it's been a while. Only a few more days now.
Eliza looks hot in glasses! And Amy looks hot despite her scar. Basically there is a lot of pretty on this show. Guys included (meant that in a good way, haha).
Love the pics! And yes, seeing Topher place glasses onto Echo was disturbing.

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