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"I'd hate for my little untimely, horrible death concern to be ambiguous."
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January 27 2009

"A quick, no spoilers, review of Joss Whedon's upcoming Dollhouse". One attendee at the 'beer and popcorn' screening of "Ghost" reviews the pilot.

"I didn't have the highest expectations going in -- the idea of house of programmable human "dolls" who go out and do things for their masters had me worried. But Dollhouse had great depth and richness not only of the adventure plot, but also of the character relationships. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as Whedon has always been good at this."

*Groans at how they keep referring to him as "Josh" Whedon
Well, it is good to know that the show has appeal to those outside the hardcore 'know-Joss's-name' fandom
I'm waiting to see the product itself. Oh,"Dollhouse" that is.
It should be on cable . Really , "Dead Like Me" had two great seasons and a closure . Networks are schams ...
I hope all things go well for Josh.
Well, if he perfer to be called Josh . . . . ;)
The "may not be easily accessible" comment is kind of worrying, but totally expected. Accessibility was always going to be an issue and presumably is what led to the reworking of the pilot etc.


The other problem for Dollhouse on network TV is the not quite hidden dominance & submission themes that may scare off many network advertisers, where it might work for those who advertise on cable.

It's on FOX! This a problem? It seems so very them. Goes along nicely with the torture and what all.

Shocked advertisers? At 9 PM on a Friday? I doubt it.
The music in Josh Whedon's work has always impressed me, particularly the evocative mix of oriental and western that was used in Firefly (but unfortunately not in Serenity).

I felt the same way. Edmonson's "Serenity" theme felt heroic on TV, and with a full orchestra would have been very stirring.
Yes, Josh Whedon is great!
Joe Sweden is my master now.

Really looking forward to Feb. 13.
Maybe they mistake Joss Whedon with Josh Brolin. The two names kind of sound alike.
I'm also looking forward to the big day in two weeks plus three days. While I have seen the first episode, and ranted on it on two blogs, I'd like to see what the opening credits will be like.
Jeepers, is it really only 2 weeks away?
Looking forward to the 13th now. Plus, the date when I'll actually get to see it. That'll be nice too. ;-)
Heh, redders. I hear you. Arghh! I just learned that I won't be at home on the 13th to watch "Dollhouse" in all its glory as it airs. I am therefore prevailing upon friends, etc. and setting not one, but two, DVR recorders to "tape" it. Oh, and yes, I will be buying the episode on iTunes because I can and feel I should. Go, Joe Sweden!

Impaler, what has been the nature of your rantings? Good rants? Bad rants?

Caroline, thanks for sharing your take on the first episode.
And when I said 'here's my take', I didn't really mean 'here, take it all and copy it verbatim to your forum'.
Shocked advertisers? At 9 PM on a Friday? I doubt it.
BreathesStory | January 27, 18:06 CET

Shocked advertisers? On the network that airs 24? I hope not.

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