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January 27 2009

(SPOILER) Interview: Sam Anderson Talks Leverage. Wolfram & Hart's Holland Manners guest stars on tonight's episode of the TNT series, along with Danny Strong.

There might be spoilers for Lost as well.

That episode of him in the lift in Angel was superb. Would have loved to have seen him reappear in the later seasons.
Uh huh, me too. Mr. Anderson does creepy evil very well. I'm all excited about seeing him appear with Christian again.
I haven't seen Leverage, is it any good?
Oh man, Christian Kane and Sam Anderson back together? Sweeet.

I really enjoy this show, consistently entertaining.
Yes, Simon, it is. It's fun, fast paced and I liked the entire cast from the very first episode. That doesn't happen very often, not for me, anyway.
There's another really good Sam Anderson interview here at "If Magazine". (This one might be even more spoilery than the link I posted earlier).
I feel completely dumb. I never pieced together that he's Bernard on Lost (course I did start watching Lost before I saw Angel). Glad to see him on Leverage though. I've been looking forward to this episode.
I'm rewatching Angel now and I'm just past the point where Holland Manners dies in season 2. I'm forcefully reminded of what a wonderful actor Sam Anderson is
Gawrsh, PErfect Strangers was over 20 years ago now, wasn't it, when it started. We've been hissing him for so long now.

Hmm, when I finally do my Wilow's Quest fic maybe I'll have Holland be in charge of Jonathan's eternal torment.

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I absolutely love 'Leverage', they have some really innovative casting and fun plot twists, but my big question from tonight is: what was Commander Riker doing in the hospital waiting room?
I'm not sure, I haven't seen the episode yet. A Hitchcockian cameo perhaps? Jonathon Frakes has directed a few episodes of Leverage.
I love this show more every week. In last night's ep, it took me a minute to get over the "oh, it's a BtS/AtS reunion with Holland Manners and Johnathon", but I got over it fast because Leverage is so engaging.
This cast, all first-rate actors as individuals, has rapidly become a first rate ensemble.
In an upcoming episode Armin Shimmerman will be guest starring, not to mention the return of Mark Sheppard.
Last night's episode was the best one yet. Sam Anderson and Danny Strong were absolutely wonderful in it, as was the ensemble cast. I like the group dynamic, even when the group is threatening to tear itself apart.

Too bad they cut Eliot's wink to Sam Anderson's character out though. That would've made my day.

Looking forward to the return of Mark Sheppard and seeing Armin Shimmerman again will be nice.
Oh cool, menomegirl, now I'll have to look for Frakes' appearances every time he directs! And I am thrilled to hear about Shimmerman, RavenU, he is a favorite actor of mine and this is definitely becoming one of my favorite shows.
Yes Frakes has directed some of them (and they seem to love him there), so he did a little cameo. And Trek wise, next week Brent Spiner will be on (He who played Data), and the producer/writers knows Wil Wheaton and were talking about getting him on for season 2 (if there IS a season 2)

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