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January 27 2009

Felicia Day to appear at Browncoat Booth at Wondercon. "She will be signing on Saturday only at our tables (F6/F7). Times TBA".

Edit: added the period and some tags.

Yeah! Thanks for letting us know! It's going to be a great weekend!
Kickass!!! I will have to bring my *Guild* DVD to get it signed. I hope she's not there during an awesome panel or something.
Felicia will be there for 2 different 1 hour signings. One early (noonish) and one late (4-ish). This will hopefully give everyone a chance to meet her and get their stuff signed.
Yay! I already had my tickets for the convention, but now I'm extra excited! Now if we could just get Joss et al come to promote 'Dollhouse'.
We should have a Whedonesquer meet-up or something.

Is that we are? Whedonesquers? Whedonesqueteers?
Fannish Inc has a podcast with one of the CABC about Wondercon plus other stuff: FannishInc.
So, her appearance at the Comic-Con event has started a Browncoat tradition? Hope everyone has a great time....

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