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January 27 2009

TV Witches: Sort Of Like That Grunge Look. Television Without Pity lists Willow as one of the Top Five TV witches.

Number FIVE???? SERIOUSLY??!!! WTF?! How anyone can see her as being anything but #1 is out of their gorram mind! The rest of the list (most notably Charmed and Sabrina) is just retarded, for lack of a better word.
Am I missing the other five? It looks like it's just five, not ten.
I guess if you're in the top five you are, by definition, in the top ten.
"They joked with their friends abotu being "a good Jewiccan household' but behind the wordplayw as something very meaningful to them both, soemthign they wanted to apss on to their daughters."

Altho Endora over Samantha, can't argue there. Maybe this list is chronological????????????????? (Willow was doing magick before Charmed primeministered err premiered but she didn't get into the major power stuff until later.

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Ooops, I meant five. I'll change it.
Cute, right? Kind of a quiet, nerdy thing. Not my usual, but nice.
Nice put . Prue Halliwell was a way cooler than Willow ....and she died doing the right thing instead of bitching out her best friends like Willow .

Prue was the best with on the tely .
Just stating the obvious, but Willow should definitely be #1. Although I actually liked the first three seasons of Charmed, before the stars started producing and it became really embarrassing. And hey .... Julian McMahon. ;)

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