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January 27 2009

Christian Kane leverages his top 5. This week's list ... villains. "And now Tuesday Night also means the Kane's Top 5! Christian is weighing in on his Top 5 Favorites (as requested by you). Then tell Christian what you want to know about his favorites."

To learn what he's counting off this week, just go to the LEVERAGE Facebook page or LEVERAGE MySpace page. You just might meet some new friends who are fellow LEVERAGE fans.

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Thanks for the tip! Also, there's no apostrophe needed in the subject line.( CK leverages his top 5.)
Guess he's too young to think much of Dr. Loveless :-).
Excellent find, RavenU. Why do I keep seeing Christian riding a bomb screaming, "Ya'hoo!"
Sadly, Lindsey McDonald did not make the cut.
Wow, most of those are on my top 5 list as well. I especially like the mention of Gary Oldman in "The Professional" - stellar!
Ah, Leverage is so much fun. But we need some Firefly shoutouts, if Hardigan is a Dr. Who fan (he downloaded an episode in one of the Leverage episodes *g*), surely he's a Firefly fan as well? :)
Isn't casting Mark Sheppard sort of a shout-out? I mean, Sterling is very Badger-like. :)

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