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January 27 2009

Alan Tudyk in new DirecTV commercial. Unlike the Hellboy one where the guy is actually DVRing Hellboy, this guy is just doing a random tv show. But Alan's pretty funny. The video is in the small window on the right. It's called "Held Up?"

"This guy" is Dule Hill from Psych and The West Wing.
I was about to say, Dulè Hill! This is an exciting day.
From the sound of the link, I thought Alan's career had gone to the shitter. But the fact that they have a costar of a hit show, Dule Hill, probably means otherwise.
I saw this on TV earlier and was doubly excited by Alan and Dulé. Love them both muchos. But I didn't know where to find it online, so thanks for the link!
Ah, Alan Tudyk is fun.

What's interesting to me is how fast this was put together. This commercial just finished shooting last week! Camera gear came from my rental house. And Alan was great.

Incidentally, "Coors" was the name of the job those cameras were out on. And they were out for a week, which is not how long it would take to shoot this spot. Looks like the production company shot something on the side with the gear...
I heart Alan T. He makes any precarious situation fun. And bobw10, I want your job, where do I sign up? : )
I think I know why Alan told Dule not to be a hero, considering Serenity and 3:10 To Yuma.
I'm not going crazy. I just got home last night, turned on the TV and was doing something else, and not really paying attention. I caught strawberry-blond out of the corner of my eye and thought I heard what sounded like Alan, but by the time I turned back, it was over. Now I can rest easy.
Dule and Alan! Now that'd be a comedy team....
Alan should so guest on Psych. It's one of my favorite shows and it always makes me laugh. I bet they could write an awesome part for him.
I was hoping Dule was recording "Psych", but it appears to be something called "The Cri...."

Cute ad with two very funny guys.
Doesn't Zoe say something similar in Serenity regarding the "not being a hero"/"definition of a hero" part?
Yeeaaaah..."that guy" is Dule Hill. Awesome actor.

I heard the commercial from the other room and my husband went "Hey! It's-" and then the commercial was over and he turned and went "Alan Tudyk! Dule Hill!"

Funny thing though...the commercial reminded me of the "Psych" episode in which Gus (Dule Hill's character) gets caught up in a bank heist. It's pretty hilarious.

I want Alan Tudyk to guest star on Psych. That would be just mindblowingly hilarious.
I saw it tonight! Wouldn't have paid attention if I hadn't seen this post.

AND! I got to see TWO Dollhouse ads tonight, too! One during Idol (Really fast - "She can be whatever you want....except herself.") and the other a bit slower ("From Joss Whedon...").
"Do you know the definition of a hero? Someone who gets other people killed." (That's from memory, might be a little off.)
Thanks Rachelkachel!
Must've been during "Life on Mars" last night, but I just caught this commercial -- and the one immediately after it was for Nathan's "Castle"!

I want Alan Tudyk to guest star on Psych. That would be just mindblowingly hilarious.

Oh, Ninja Report, I'd lurve to see that....

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