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August 14 2003

New eComic, Buffy/Angel: Reunion. See what you didn't when Buffy returned from the grave... (part one).

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This comic completes the non-crossover that occurred in Buffy Season 6, written by series writer Jane Espenson. Coming soon, the Jonathan Superstar special.

Added later: So how come I can't get Reunion to work? It says the page can't be found. =( And WHOA didja see the new Jane Espenson ecomic coming soon? Jonathan pays us another visit! I can't wait!

I like Ring of Fire:

"Been awhile since I've watched Sesame Street, but was Big Bird always this cranky?" There's a laugh out loud moment. They got the voices down for the most part.

Went to a comic book shop yesterday, first time in awhile I've stepped foot inside one and now I remember why I stopped. The Buffy comic books are like three or four bucks, and I saw a graphic novel release of some Willow & Tara stories for ten. Other graphic novel reprints were more than that, and the paperback novels were expensive too. When I was a kid spending my parent's money I didn't mind, but now that I have to work for a living, that's just not realistic. Nice to see the stories continue to be told though, even if it's not on prime time tv.

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I can get to the site, but not the comic. Hopefully they'll have this fixed soon.
Somebody please post when the site is available.
Thank you
I couldn't get the comic with Netscape, but when I tried Explorer, it worked up to the part 13th!
It worked earlier but for some reason isn't now and remember it is a two part story so it ends at page 13.
I got it working again! (using Explorer) And I also got the gallery open... which I couldn't earlier. BTW, the comic is HILARIOUS! Xander, Anya and Dawn are so, well, like Xander, Anya and Dawn. ;)
Right I've changed jack knight's link to take people the start of the comic, it should work now. Some of the links for the comic have been wonky all day on the BBC site.
Not working for me. Changed link again.
Whoa. Now even the new link to the site isn't working. They must be having some serious issues over there.
you think maybe they're getting spiked? =) By that I mean too many people trying to access the site at the same time. Pun intended.
it's linked to hhttp instead of http.
I fixed the link to http, but I still can't get to Page 1 at this point. I get an official BBC page telling me the page doesn't exist. This would happen on my first actual post. Ugh.

I also wrote the BBC site to let them know it was down.

[ edited by jack knight on 2003-08-14 20:44 ]
What Jack Knight said. I can't access the first page either. This sucks!!
The link now works permanently, I think. I enjoy this more than the previous comic. It has a slightly experimental edge to it with the different drawing styles and narrative layers.
I can see it! I can see it! Woo-hoo! Always wanted to read this one.
Finally got to see the first thirteen pages, and am disappointed in the storytelling approach. We're not seeing what (apocryphally) actually happened between Angel & Buffy in season six. We're just seeing what the Scoobies think might've happened. Granted, it's probably more interesting than what actually (canonically) happened (which is nothing), but still...
I bought this comic months ago. Howcum it's such a big deal now?
I too was disappointed in the fact that it wasn't what DID happen, just Scooby speculation. Still a good read, though.
Why's it a big deal? dunno. Ecomics & regular comics and other storytelling methods are a big deal now perhaps cuz people need their Buffy fix. However, some of us can't really afford to buy the comic books. To me, these ecomics are new.

I've been shopping recently actually, cuz I need my Slayerette fix. I scanned a couple comics in the store. Okay art, but they rarely really capture the actors or characters. They almost never get Giles right, and Xander needs to be more animated. Buffy's nose is ALWAYS drawn incorrectly. There's little to no consistency in the art style. Todd McFarlane style cloning SO doesn't work for Buffy. The price for these things ranges between $4-12 bucks a pop, and though they're okay, in my opinion they're not worth it, and I simply can't afford a habit of this magnitude right now. Thank God the comic books aren't canonical. I couldn't keep up.

Found a couple novels recently at a half price book store. The one I'm reading now seems to be in the continuity of season one, but it's very apocryphal. As I recall, Buffy didn't arrive in Sunnydale that first year until after Halloween, and the following year in season two, we know precisely what happened. Written by Christopher Golden, it's called Halloween Rain. It's moderately okay so far but the narration is a bit thick to the point of campy with the BuffySpeak, and there's a few cosmetic things that keep throwing me out of the suspension of disbelief, like Willow's natural hair color not being red, or Cordy's natural hair color being jet black. I'm also beginning to wonder if this book was intended for teenagers, because reading it, I feel like I'm being talked down to. The style reads false. It's not capturing the show at all.

I guess I was thinking the novels, graphic or otherwise, were gonna be better than fanfiction, but ...well maybe that's why Dark Horse is walking away? How can they convince us to pay for their graphic depictions, when fans are able to entertain one another for free? If Dark Horse could somehow write 100% Mutant Enemy sanctioned stuff, or start over in a way that M.E. & Whedon would sanction, then that'd be worthwhile. However, they can't really do much better than fanfic, continuity wise. It's like they can't compete with amateurs.

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Well, I liked it. Can't wait to see how Anya's speculation goes about. That should be hillarious.

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