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January 28 2009

Summer Glau is AOL "Star of the Week". Summer Glau is "Star der Woche" with AOL Germany. Probably because Terminator: SCC just started over here. It's a picture gallery with background information on her youth and recent projects. Since the original page is in German, the link is to a google translated page. One picture seems to be wrong, though.

Oh I meant to mention; I was in Phoenix, checking out the local comic book stores, and they put my purchase into a plastic bag that was promoting Summer Glau in T:SCC on one side, and Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse on the other. The guy behind the register is a Joss Whedon fan but he said the comic book store didn't order these bags, they were a promotion sent out by Fox. So that is kind of cool.
How now, Frau Glau?

Sie sind ein großer Haufen awesome!
Pointy, was ist Haufen? Ich weiB nicht. Nevermind. Large heap of awesome. That doesn't need an "of" in there? Huh. I'm still learning.

embers, I WANT that bag!
I'm not learning at all, korkster, I just asked the translator how to say, "You are a big heap of awesome."
embers, what store where you at? Not that I'm planning to go out and buy my comics from them now, no...
Kishi, I think it was Stalking Moon at 5930 W. Greenway Rd, a lovely store with all kinds of action figures (including a good selection of Buffy/Angel figures), as well as some cool Doctor Who toys and books. There are a number of very nice comic book stores in the Phoenix area, but that one really had a wide selection of things I'm interested in.
embers Ok, itsy bitsy jealous snit in five...four...three...and...I'm done.

Would that store possibly have any of the "Chosen" figures? I'm really looking for a Faith & a Xander. (And I wouldn't mind a Giles, even though I have the very first one.)

When I lived in Appleton there was a nifty store like that, which carried comics, trading cards, action figures, games and models. They even had a back room devoted to RPG. It was called...umm...Chimera Hobby Shop.
ShadowQuest, they definitely had a Faith and a Giles (but I didn't notice the outfits so I don't know if they were from 'Chosen', and I didn't think the Faith was pretty enough), they also had a great Anya in her wedding dress. All were 6 inch dolls priced under $20 (around $16 each I think) which seemed pretty reasonable to me. I don't believe they had a Xander, I was looking through them all just to see if they had Season 4 Anya in the Bunny Halloween costume, they didn't. I love seeking out comic book stores because many of them have unique items that I never even knew existed (they had a REALLY sweet Doctor Who Cyberman, but I controlled myself). Anyway you can email or call Stalking Moon:
Thank you, embers! That one is actually just across the street from the pizza place where I usually have lunch with my wife on Fridays, so I'll have to stop by. Closer to us than driving down the comic shop by MetroCenter, too.
Thanks embers!

And good to know, Pointy. Seeing French & German phrases pop up here on the black always encourages me to find out what they say. :)

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