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January 29 2009

(SPOILER) Pie Spoilers reviews Dollhouse 1x01 "Ghost". It's not a "schizophrenic relaunch", it's just the "disjointed thoughts" of The One True b!X about the Dollhouse premiere.


"A general consensus seems to have formed, over the course of the early reviews, that “Ghost” was adequate to good, not perfect, but showed potential. That consensus is to weak a position for me to agree with. I find myself now more excited, more anticipatory, for Dollhouse to start than I was before I had seen any of it."

I remain underwhelmed by the first episode. It's still just ok. After people watch it on the 13th, I'll be interested to see how everyone compares it the pilots for other fav shows i.e. BSG, Lost, Fringe, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural.
Was Supernatural's pilot just that good/notable?

ETA: Also, the site in question appears to be broken, at least from the perspective of my system and browser.

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I was just being curious. There's been several shows since Buffy and Angel have ended that have managed to get a lot of online fans and attention. How will Dollhouse shape up against these shows? As good as Lost, better than Veronica Mars, level pegging with Supernatural? These are the things that keep me up at night.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that the days when Buffy and Angel ruled the online tv fandom are long since over. It's a brave new world for the Dollhouse fandom.
Pilot episodes have so much they need to do they almost never remain as a favorite episode once the show gets going simply because they don't have time for what needs to be done (setting the tone, setting up the premise, introducing everyone...) and a knock out single episode story. Of all the shows I can think of (mostly because Simon said them) LOST is an exception as a mind blowing premiere. Sadly for me, the shows kind of gone down hill since then.
Was Supernatural's pilot just that good/notable?

Notable enough to list it twice anyway.

It's tough for me to consider BSG having had a pilot, per se, since it was a full mini-series. Lost, for sure, had a fantastic pilot, containing one of the best opening sequences of a television series ever.

In that context, though, I guess I didn't go into Dollhouse's pilot expecting an OMFG experience. That might be why it worked for me as well as it did?

(I also didn't experience Buffy or Angel's pilots/first episodes when they first happened, instead coming into them later in their first seasons. I obviously saw those episodes later, neither of them struck me as particularly overwhelming. Maybe Joss isn't an "event"-type pilot maker?)

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I don't really remember the Sopranos pilot, the The Wire pilot or the Deadwood pilot as "OMFG" experiences. I remember them all being "hmmm, I wanna watch where this goes" experiences. I think Joss is more in that kind of world than in the Lost kinda world: he wants to introduce us to a world and say "we're going to take some time to explore this world" rather than throw a Big Event at us and have us think "what will the ramifications of this be???"

Of the Big Event pilots I've seen, BSG is the one that really sticks in my mind, but as noted above, it's not really a "pilot" in the conventional sense.
well BSG shouldn't really be compared to anything because the miniseries that launched it it's clearly in a league of its own. (edit: I see now that the point had already been made)

But pilots can be great, I have quite a few favorites that stayed that way even after the series had a few years of stories. Lost's was brilliant (and I'm not a fan, I stopped watching in season 2), both Voyager and Deep Space Nine had very good first episodes and so did Dark Angel. Well, in my opinion anyway :). Serenity was excellent.

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Yeah, I think the only "pilot" that knocked it out of the water for me was BSG - and they got a miniseries to do it in. (ETA: I see this has already become a subject of discussion in the time it took me to post this. Oh, yeah, and airing Firefly's "Serenity" pilot might've changed things for me.)

Not having seen "Ghost," I can't comment much on b!X's review - except to say that it's well-written and seems thoughtful.

I remain, as always, non-picnicky-but-pieish in the extreme, with a 50% chance of chocolate later in the afternoon. Oh, and looking forward even more to Dollhouse.
I usually give new shows that are at least passingly interesting about 6 episodes to draw me in. Pilots that hooked me straight away though include BSG, Firefly(Serenity not Train Job), Dexter, Damages and I'm sure others which I shamefully can't remember at the moment.

I still can't believe this screener hasn't leaked yet, though. Come on internet you're letting me down.
Good read, making me look forward to it even more. It's almost February already! That means it's... close!

I, too, feel that the internet has let us down.
I know, Hubert. Now that bix has seen it, I feel like the only one left.
The Sopranos and Six Feet Under both had super awesome pilots, yet for some reason, the first time I saw either I wasn't overly impressed. Going back now, though, I think they're brilliant.
Aw, I ain't seen it, neither.

I don't really mind - in fact, I think I prefer - coming to it fresh & (relatively) unspoiled on the 13th, but I do mind that my first viewing will be interrupted by commercials. That's got me seriously inclined to buy it on iTunes instead of watching it on old-style TV.

I hates commercials worse'n poison. I don't wanna hear an ad for Ug's Cavemen Emporium while I'm watching Joss, Eliza & Friends paint their thrilling tale of the Bison Hunt. It's been messing up my Season 4 enjoyment of BSG (whereas I got to watch 1-3 on DVD) and I'm thinking - as we're not a Nielsen family - to ditch the traditional viewing altogether in favor of blessed uninterrupted iTuney Dollness.
Is this review very spoilery, or only a bit?
I have a question. Do we know if the pilot will have change when it airs on Fox (extra scenes, different music...), as it is often the case with preair pilots ?
I definitely think Joss is more of a "the more you watch it the more you'll slowly come to love it" show-maker than a "kick-ass pilot" guy. But pilots are tricky. I agree with those above who said the pilot of Lost was truly amazing... though I also eventually stopped watching the show sometime in S2 (I know... I hear it got good again...). The only pilot I've watched that hooked me immediately to a show that then kept me hooked right through to the end was The Sopranos. But it took me several random episodes of Buffy before I decided to start watching seriously from the beginning.
I've got to say I loved 'Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest' the first time I saw them, although I think I started season one a couple of episodes in during its original run and only saw WTTH in reruns. Wasn't overly impressed with 'City Of' when it first aired, so that wasn't a great pilot. But the world having been established by Buffy already, it was a different beast altogether.

Now 'Serenity' remains one of the best pilots I've ever seen, being both funny and dramatic and taking time to introduce the characters and the world. The pacing was quite perfect for a pilot. I didn't love Firefly on original airing - not being pulled in by 'The Train Job' which is probably the worst "pilot" Joss and co have written - but when I saw 'Serenity', I was hooked.

As for other notable pilots, I'd have to go with the pilot to 'The Shield'. It did great work to introduce the characters, the feel and the setting and had a major shocker at the end that screamed 'this show is daring and different'. Fell in love with it at once.

I loved the pilot to 'Lost' as well, in an 'ouh, intriguing action show' kind-of way, but at that point had no idea how much I'd end up loving it. And BSG's miniseries was pure television gold, of course, but as others have said comparing a 3 hour miniseries to a 45 minute show isn't really fair :).

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